Hotel Easy Pass replaced with RFID technology


Guests checking-in at Disney’s Hotel New York and Disney’s Newport Bay Club Hotel this week are being issued with the latest in Disneyland Paris technology.

A new card which replaces the paper Hotel Easy Pass is equipped with RFID technology and combines a hotel room key and Hotel Easy Pass all in one. The card also allows Guests access to breakfast and Extra Magic Hours in Disneyland Park .

Guests will also be able to  use the card as a hotel room charge card enabling Guests to charge meals, snacks and souvenirs to their to their hotel room bill.

Eventually in 2017, the cards will be issued to all Disneyland Paris visitors staying in Disney and partners hotels and will replace their Park tickets, Disney meal plan vouchers and Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show tickets .

Source: DiseylandBerry


Construction worker dies after fall at Newport Bay Club Hotel


A construction worker has died after falling  from scaffolding at the Newport Bay Club Hotel in Disneyland Paris.

The tragic accident happened yesterday (9 September 2015) at around 3 PM.    The man who was 44 years-old and lived in Paris was an employee of construction company Peixoto Leite Family which is based in the Val-d’Oise.  He died after a scaffold railing gave way and he fell  from a height of twelve meters while working on the façade of the hotel.

Rescuers tried to revive him but sadly he died 40 minutes after his fall at the scene of the accident.

Renovations began at the largest hotel in Disneyland Paris, the 1,000 bedroom Newport Bay Club Hotel in 2013 and is being undertaken by a number of  subcontracted companies.

Source: La Marne