Introducing Duffy’s new friend Cookie.


The newest member of the Duffy family Cookie, will arrive at Hong Kong Disneyland on 3 July 2018.

Cookie is the latest addition to the Duffy family and joins his friends ShellieMay, Gelatoni and StellaLou.








Fans call for Disneyland Paris to withdraw the Lineberty App.

This week we held a poll asking our readers if they are happy with the use of the recently implemented Lineberty App for booking Character Meet ‘n’ Greets at the Walt Disney Studios Park in Disneyland Paris.

The responce from our readers was an outstanding call for Disneyland Paris to withdraw the on-line smart phone application.

366 people voted in our poll with 71% of our readers voting for the controversial application to be withdrawn with 29% happy for it to remain.

Many of our readers voiced their concerns about the implementation of the application which has replaced the traditional queuing system to meet their favourite Disney characters.

The main cause of complaints were that Meet ‘n’ Greet slots were filling within minutes of their release in the early morning disappointing many guests tying to book a slot.

A number of readers voiced their concerns that if the Lineberty App is introduced to Parc Disneyland they would no longer visit the resort and not renew their Annual Pass.

A major cause of concern from guests attending with those with disabilities was that they could be attending to medical issues when the slots were released meaning they would miss out on meeting Disney characters during their time in the park.

There were also a few guests in favour of the new system and they belived the introduction of Lineberty is a good idea and enables guests to meet characters without having to wait in queues.

Hopefully Disneyland Paris managment will listen to the guest feedback they are receiving about the use of the Lineberty application and take the necessary steps to improve the guest experience and make meeting characters in the Walt Disney Studios Park fairer for all guests.

Tickets released for Disney Loves Jazz event at Disneyland Paris.

Tickets have been released for sale for the first ever Disney Loves Jazz event at Disneyland Paris.

The event will take place on 29th September 2018 at the Walt Disney Studios Park and guests will be able to experience an exceptional evening of jazz bands and internationally renowned artists.

You can book your tickets now at:

Are big changes in store for Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show…with Mickey & Friends?


Rumours surfaced on Friday that big changes are in store for  Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show…with Mickey & Friends!  at Disneyland Paris.

The dinner show spectacular located in the Disney Village hosted by the legendary Buffalo Bill is reported to be seeing a “huge revamp” with big changes expected over the next few months a source close to the production said, “with special effects replacing some current live action parts of the show”.


One of the rumoured changes is a move that will please many animal rights advocates as the shows buffalo will be replaced by special holographic projection effects.


It was also mentioned that the show might feature the hero of the Walt Disney action-adventure western drama series “Zorro” in the future.


Spirit Photography to launch in Thunder Mesa

Ghosts have been seen escaping from the Ravenswood Manor. James Collins Esq. the Thunder Mesa photographer, whose studio is located above Bonanza Outfitters, has set up a mobile studio to try to capture images of these phenomena for the weekly journal “The Mysterious Chronicle” with his innovative “Spectral Camera”.

Photo Credit ED92

While he’s away, the playful ghosts keep taking their own photos with his camera equipment and printing copies of the newspaper!

Obtain your personalised copy of “The Mysterious Chronicle” from June 2018 in Frontierland at Disneyland Paris.

Launching price: 12€.
Launching price for valid PhotoPass+ holder: 6€ (including an additional digital version).

Smartphone App to be used to reserve Character Meet’n’Greets at the Walt Disney Studios Park

In order to make the guest experience even more exceptional, guests will be able to reserve Meet’n’Greets with Disney Characters at several locations in Walt Disney Studios® Park via online reservations at Disneyland Paris.

To take advantage of this new tool, guests should download the Lineberty app (see the QR code on Park maps to download – available on Apple iOS and Android) to make their reservation.

While they wait for their reserved slot, guests can enjoy other experience and attractions around our Disney Parks. Their personalized wait time is available on the app, updated in real time.

Guests will get a notification from the app or an SMS when it’s their turn. To access the meeting point, guests will show their digital ticket (on the app or via SMS).

From June 7, 2018, our guests can enjoy this new system to meet The Incredibles at Art of Disney Animation and Disney Characters at Toon Plaza.

From June 10 through September 30, 2018, during MARVEL Summer of Super Heroes, guests can also use this innovative tool to meet Captain America at Production Courtyard.

Simultaneously, a test will be run at Restaurant En Coulisse from June 7 through August 31, 2018: two cash registers will be for reservations only (between 11:45 am and 3:00 pm).

These reservation-only cash registers will be indicated at the beginning of the queue. Guests will still be able to access other cash registers in the restaurant without reservations, and wait in line.

For guests with Green and Orange Disability passes the system will work the same as for regular guests, as the waiting time will be minimal as the Meet ‘n’ Greet will happen very quickly.

This exciting innovation for guests is in line with the Disneyland Paris innovative vision, and will soon be rolled out in Disneyland® Park, too.

Disney FanDaze News Round-up

With the Disney FanDaze Inaugural Party taking place this weekend at Disneyland Paris here is a round-up of just some of the announcements that were made last week about the event.

If your attending Disney’s FanDaze you will be able to pick up your registration packs in the Disney Village Dome from Friday 1st of June between 17:00 – 00:30 and on Saturday 2nd of June between 08:00 – 22:00.

The Disney Village Dome is located behind the Rainforest Cafe and next to MacDonalds in the Disney Village.

We understand all members of your party must attend the Dome to collect their registration packs.

If you have booked one of the FanDaze packages you must first check-in to your Disney Hotel to collect your FanDaze vouchers and take these to the Disney Dome to enable you to register for the event.

Those with tickets for the Inaugural FanDaze VIP Party Dinner, this will be held at the Manhattan Restaurant in Disney’s New York at 19:30 on Friday 1st June.

A very special conference with Euro Disney SCA President Catherine Powell will be held during the Disney FanDaze event starting at 20:30 in Animagique Theatre.

Powell’s appearance will clash with the ticketed ‘A Duffy & Friends’ panel also being held at 20:30 in the Art of Disney Animation.

You would not be able to reserve for Powell’s conference as it is first come first served for the Infinity Passholders only and her talk will last about 30 minutes.

You can be the first to learn all the secrets about Phantom Manor’s big refurbishment project at the exclusive Tom Fitzgerald conference being held at 22:00 in the Animagique Theater.

Duffy and I will be attending FanDaze and you will be able to follow our adventures on Facebook and Twitter.

Finally get you in the mood for this weekends FanDaze party here is the full theme song of DisneyFanDaze!