Disney FanDaze: The Ultimate Fan Events at Disneyland Paris

Below is the latest press release from Disneyland Paris giving more information about the Disney FanDaze Inaugural Party which will be held between Friday 1 – Sunday 3 June 2018, at the Walt Disney Studios Park.

Prices for the Disney FanDaze event will be announced soon.


Disney FanDaze: The Ultimate Fan Event at Disneyland® Paris
The inaugural festivities will take place during the first weekend in June 2018

Specially imagined for Disney fans everywhere, Disney FanDaze is launching its first ever event at Disneyland Paris for fans for one weekend only! The Disney FanDaze Inaugural Party will take place during the first weekend in June 2018 featuring one-of-a-kind shows, rare and never-seen-before Disney Character Encounters, live entertainment, iconic attractions, tasty treats, exclusive merchandise and the opportunity for fans to dress up and show their inner Disney to the world. It’s an experience sure to excite all of our Guest and Disney fans!

Imagine…living a real-life Disney dream that’s dazzling with delightful days, daring adventures, dancing and dressing up – all in an experience created to celebrate fans. This is the chance to catch a glimpse of Disney Characters around every corner – some for the first time ever at Disneyland Paris. Embark on a wild adventure with the stars of DuckTales, experience an extraordinary nighttime spectacular inspired by the 1995 classic A Goofy Movie and so much more.

It’s set to be an unbelievable event for fans from all over the world.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come:


For the first time ever, fans will say hi to Duckburg’s favourite residents and shake their duck tails during the “Dance Your DuckTales Parade,” a special happening dreamed up just for the Disney FanDaze Inaugural Party. As usual, the stars of DuckTales are sure to create quite a hullaballoo all around Walt Disney Studios® Park.


For his first-ever concert at Disneyland® Paris, Max is psyched and ready to rock! Anticipation will be in the air at Production Courtyard when Goofy’s son and his talented Disney pals put on a madcap show complete with pop beats inspired by A Goofy Movie. Watch out for the hilarious hiccups during the live broadcast. Fans won’t believe their eyes – or ears.

For fans, there is nothing more magical or exciting than meeting and greeting the Disney stars of their dreams, and the Disney FanDaze Inaugural Party is the place where those dreams come true. From the rarest to the fairest, more than 50 Disney Characters including favourites from TaleSpin, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Bolt, and more will be on hand to delight their greatest fans! Fans can expect the unexpected never knowing who they might just encounter. From the classic Characters including Clarabelle Cow and Clarice, to new additions such as Joy and Sadness, one thing’s for sure…Fans won’t want to leave their camera at home!

Mickey, Minnie, Duffy, ShellieMay, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, and Pluto will greet fans dressed in the most extravagant outfits – created specially for Disney FanDaze, the biggest fan event of the year! These colourful new outfits will be familiar…with a twist. Innovative both in design and material, they’ll speak to the fans’ inner fashionista and quickly become the latest in Character couture!!

Mickey is expanding his Disney FanDaze VIP (Very Important Pals) family to include two rare Disney Characters who have previously never appeared together in the history of Disney Parks. More information is still to come, but this is sure to be a popular Disney duo.

Walt Disney Studios Park will open its gates exclusively for fans during the Disney FanDaze Inaugural Party. From an epic 13-floor plunge on the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror to being shrunk down to the size of a rat in Ratatouille: The Ride, this is a privatised evening no fan will ever forget.

Guests will be able to savour unique flavors with special menus created just for Disney FanDaze, while exclusive limited edition merchandise is sure to delight the most dedicated of Disney collectors.

Every fan has a unique Disney style they can’t wait to show off, and Disney FanDaze Inaugural Party will invite fans to do just that! Disney pins, hats, ears and other accessories will bring the Disney fantasy to life, inspired by a favourite Character or even an unforgettable Disney attraction. Each DisneyBound original and eccentric look is sure to be one of the evening’s major attractions!

This is only the beginning of the surprises in store. @DisneyFanDaze Twitter feed will be posting more information about the #DisneyFanDaze event. So stay tuned!

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Extra Magic Hours evolving into Extra Magic Times.



From Saturday 1 October 2017, everyday from 08:30 to 09:30*, Disneyland Paris Resort guests and Dream, Fantasy, Magic Plus and Infinity Annual Passholders (except during restricted dates), will benefit from privileged access to several attractions in the Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park, simultaneously.

In Disneyland Paris, the Extra Magic Times will also be the opportunity for guests to Meet ‘n’ Greet their favourite Disney Characters.

Below is a list of the attractions that will be operating during the resorts new Extra Magic Times, starting on 1 October 2017.

Disneyland Park
Dumbo the Flying Elephant
Le Carrousel de Lancelot
Mad Hatter’s Tea Cups
Peter Pan’s Flight
Princess Pavilion

Walt Disney Studios Park
Crush’s Coaster
Ratatouille : L’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy
Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster starring Aerosmith

Some of the attractions will be available to all our guests from 09:30 until the official opening of the Parks.


*Operating hours can be modified in certain periods of the year.
All the information can be modified without prior notice.


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Disney FanDaze -Exclusive News Coming Soon….

Duffy and I have been invited along to an exclusive Disney FanDaze Presentation at Disneyland Paris on Saturday 30 September 2017 where the first details of the inaugural Disney FanDaze experience will be announced.

This morning was a hive of activity as Eurostar tickets were booked and hotel reservations were made at Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe for myself and my furry traveling companion.

We just can’t wait to share with our readers the exciting news about these forthcoming Disney FanDaze events which will be happening next year in Disneyland Paris – a full 24 hours before the official announcement is made public by Disneyland Paris themselves on 1 October.

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Jail for Disneyland Paris pickpockets 

Two Roma people from Romania, who were sending  children to steal from  tourists visiting  Disneyland Paris, have been sentenced to prison by the French courts.
Marian Tinca, 57, received a prison sentence of six years while his former wife Maria Iamandita, 51, is to spend five years in jail. The two were the leaders of the gang.
The other seven members of the gang involved in the vast network of pickpockets operating in the Disneyland Paris area and in the public transport in Paris, namely the four children of Tinca and Iamandita and their partners, were sentenced to two to four years in prison. 

Moreover, a 38-year-old woman who was linked to the network also got a sentence of four years.

The gang is believed to have stolen around  €1 million worth of foreign currency, luxury jewelry or phones from tourists. 

However, the total damage is not known for sure as many foreign victims have not filed a complaint.

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Disney FanDaze to launch at Disneyland Paris 

Disneyland Paris will be launching a series of events for Disney fans we think, well to be honest we aren’t too sure and neither is the rest of the Disney fan community….

After a cryptic tweet was published on Thursday 31 August  from Euro Disney Président Catherine Powell promising more  information the following day, many fans were left disappointed and confused when  1 September arrived and the Disney FanDaze press release was circulated.

Sadly once again it appears that Disneyland Paris still has major problems when it comes to communicating with its fans as the press release contained little to no  information about FanDaze.

Disneyland Paris has promised that further information about these events to be released the 1 October.

I guess we will just have to wait another month and see what all the fuss is about.



Disney FanDaze, a new series of ultimate fan experiences, specifically for Disney Fans!

On the heels of the excitement surrounding the 25th Anniversary of Disneyland Paris, the resort is launching a new series of fan experiences, inspired by and created especially for Disney fans around the world. Disney FanDaze is a series of experiences designed to entertain and thrill those who know and love Disney better than anyone else: Disney fans.


There is little doubt that Disney fans are among the most devoted, passionate, and enthusiastic people in the world. Since the inception of Disneyland, the number of fans of Disney theme parks and their beloved Disney Characters, has grown exponentially. Events, festivals, and other celebrations held by and for Disney fans occur daily all across the world.


Since Disneyland Paris opened its gates 25 years ago, Disney fans – from all over Europe and beyond – have been traveling from far and wide to celebrate anniversaries, seasonal festivities and other special events at the European resort. Thousands of fans come every year to relive their favorite memories and to make new ones, and many others revisit time and again to meet Disney Characters and immerse themselves deeper in the stories that have always delighted and inspired them.
Now is the time to launch entertainment experiences created especially for these Disney fans.


So if you dream of spending more time with your favorite Disney Characters and you’re a fan of delightful days and dazzling nights, then Disney FanDaze is for you! Stay tuned and follow us on our Twitter account #DisneyFanDaze account for more details. Each tweet is a date with Magic that no fan will want to miss.


Disney Fan Daze events will be FAN-tastic – full of fantasy and fun, created for the young and the young at heart. Stay tuned for more exciting news, coming your way very soon!



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1 million Euros stolen from Disneyland Paris tourists by Romania pickpockets.


Seven women and five men, most of whom are Roma people from Romania who were sending their children to steal from tourists’ pockets in the Disneyland Paris area, will stand trial in France for allegedly being involved in a criminal network, according to AFP, reports local News.ro.

As previously reported in February, the gang is believed to have stolen around 1 million euros worth of foreign currency, luxury jewelry or phones from tourists. However, the total damage is not known for sure as many foreign victims have not filed a complaint. A thousand thefts were recorded in six months.

The investigation was opened in 2015 when the Chessy Commissariat in Seine-et-Marne found a strong increase in thefts and robberies committed by young Roma near Disneyland Paris and the Regional Express Train (RER) network that serves the resort. The pickpockets were also present in the Val d’Europe commercial center.

The minors were stealing from people’s pockets in broad daylight, acting in groups of three or four, said Commissioner Jérôme Georges. One of them was distracting the victim while a second one was stealing from his pockets. A third one was in charge of making the stolen goods disappear.

Marian Tinca, 57, and his former wife Maria Iamandita, 51, both of them from Craiova, were leading the gang.

The French court’s ruling is expected on Friday, reports local News.ro. some of the defendants risk up to 30 years in prison.

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Goofy’s Skeletoon Street Party launches at Disneyland Paris 

After weeks of rumours and speculation Disneyland Paris finally published their Halloween press release yesterday evening.

Sadly some of the rumours circulating appear to be true and this years Halloween season will be a cut down affair with no Halloween Cavalcade or Disney Villains show to entertain guests during the resorts spooky season.

Halloween and Goofy’s Skeletoon Street Party: two October celebrations at Disneyland Paris

From 1 October 2017, Disneyland Park will give you chills with two special experiences: Halloween with the highly-anticipated return of the famous Disney Villains, and “Goofy’s Skeletoon Street Party”, a colourful new event at Frontierland where skeletons and

Goofy will party together…

Welcome to Goofy’s Skeletoon Street Party

Who said October was just for fright? Imagine a colourful skeleton party that’s full of fun. That’s exactly what Goofy wanted to create for the new season. This year, dressed up all in bones, he’ll set the tempo at Frontierland with his troupe. They will invite you to party with them in a setting where you will find yourself face to face with colourful and funny skeletons.

We’re also pleased to announce the arrival of two friends who we rarely see at Disneyland Paris: José Carioca and Panchito Pistoles, Donald’s sidekicks in the film The Three Caballeros.

Lastly, Mickey and Minnie will also make an appearance for truly splendid meet ‘n’ greets.

The return of the Disney Villains and Halloween thrills

Want to meet the Disney Villains you love to hate? The Disneyland Park will delight you with an all-new, previously unseen parade: Mickey’s Halloween Tricycle Gang.

Happening every day on Main Street, U.S.A, Disney Villains and many other Disney Characters will entice you along the Halloween spirits’ route, perched on their quirky tricycles.

 If you want to face them and strike a pose with them, you will love the encounters with the Disney Villains. Fantasyland has a treat in store for you with the witch from Snow White, The Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland) and, of course, Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty), who’ll be making a spine-chilling appearance in the Castle Courtyard – which has been overrun by a huge bramble…

Jafar (Aladdin) and Captain Hook (Peter Pan) will also be there, in Adventureland, and Cruella (101 Dalmatians) will be making an appearance at the Walt Disney Studios Park.

Frontierland will also be packed full of ghosts and pumpkins – making it the perfect place to celebrate Halloween this year. And if you like witches, you’ll love Daisy’s costume!

Come to Disneyland Paris from 1 October to 5 November 2017 for a new season and twice more fun with Halloween and Goofy’s Skeletoon Street Party.

More information available soon on news.disneylandparis.com.

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