Breakdown of Euro Disney shareholders


Below is a breakdown of Euro Disney S.C.A. corporate shareholders compiled by APPAED (Association des Petits Porteurs d’Actions EuroDisney) and the Salon Mickey Blog.

Euro Disney S.C.A. shares are listed on the Euronext stock exchange under the ISIN code FR0010540740.

Total number of shares              783,364,900

The Walt Disney Company             671,425,184        85.71%
EDL Holding Company                 320,400,604        31.90%
EDI SAS                             175,512,290        25.12%
EDLC SAS                            175,512,290        25.12%

Euro Disney S.C.A.                      584,466        0.075%
EDL Participations SAS                       10

AIMCO                                 34,201,000         4.37%  

Ledbury Capital Partners LP            8,109,570         1.03%

Kingdom Holding Co                     7,833,649         1.00%
(HRH Prince Alwaleed)

Financière de l'Echiquier              7,400,000         0.95%

AZ Valor Asset Management              3,556,219         0.45%

OFI Asset Management SA                2,470,000         0.31%

Vanguard Group                           404,533         0.05%

Caixabank Asset Management /
Alboran Asset Management SICAV           160,199         0.020%     

Vanguard Australia                       100,136         0.010%   

Metropolitan Series - Metlife             79,170         0.010%  

Bestinver Gestion SA / 
Divalsa de Inversiones SICAV              61,623         0.010%

Charles Schwab Internation                63,853         0.010%     

Nextam Partners Ltd                       58,871         0.010% 

Talence Gestion SAS                       48,119         0.011%  

UBS Global Asset Management (UK) Ltd      12,318         0.0015%

Northen Trust Investments Inc             11,550         0.0014%

Helium Fund - Performance                 10,000 

SEI Investments Management Corp            7,852 

Legal & General Collective 
Investment Trust Fund                      3,496 

La Mondiale (Investment Portfolio)           875 

Wisdom Tree Europe Local Recovery/Mellon     184 

Morphic Asset Management Pty Limited          60

Reilly Financial Advisor LLC                  68                                           

BlackRock Advisors UK Limited                 47

The remaining 5.5% of shareholders of Euro Disney are individual private investors.

Euro Disney SCA reference document, draft simplified cash tender document, Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, MorningStar, Financial Times (FT Market), Zone bourse et AM.

Updated: 3 April  2017

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