The Origins of the Frontierland Steam Traction Engine at Disneyland Paris.

Frontierland Steam Engine

Here is little bit of history about the Steam Traction Engine located in Frontierland in Disneyland Paris for everyone interested in Disneyland Paris Imagineering.

While on a VIP tour of Disneyland Paris a few years ago our tour guide told us a wonderful story about the lovely little Stream Traction Engine sitting in the shadow of Big Thunder Mountain in the western themed Frontierland powering an earth sieving machine.

Walt Disney Imaginers are always on the lookout for interesting items for Disney theme parks and back in the 1990s the hunt was on to find historical Americana for its forthcoming Euro Disneyland.

Visiting farm sales and auctions sales around the Mid West an Imagineer stumbled a upon this amazing steam traction engine in a barn. The farmer said it belonged to his grandfather and so the following week the Disney Imaginers returned for a meeting with the elderly retired farmer who owned it.

The Disney team from California explained that they wanted to buy the little steam engine in the back of his barn for their new Disneyland park in Paris, France and asked if he was willing to sell it to them.

The farmer told the guys from Disney all about the engine, and that when he was a young farmer he was saving up to buy a diamond engagement ring for his sweetheart, but his farms traction engine had broken down beyond repair, and he was forced to used the money he had saved up for an engagement ring on the engine now in the barn.

The old man then told them that it was nearly his and his wife’s 60th wedding anniversary, and he would like to finally give his dear wife the diamond engagement ring he always wanted to.

So the men from Disney agreed to find the farmer that engagement ring.

Two months later at a party to celebrate their 60th Wedding Anniversary the elderly farmer presented his wife with an antique diamond engagement ring.

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