Leaked Cast Member FAQ Reveals Disneyland Paris Reopening Plans.

Euro Disney SCA has revealed details of the reopening process for Disneyland Paris in a leaked FAQ document sent to Cast Members.

The leaked document which is published below doesn’t reveal any details on the possible reopening date of the restort but one important detail is included.

Disneyland Paris believes that the restort does not fall under the ban on gatherings of over 5,000 people that runs until September 2020 as outlined by France’s Prime Minister Edouard Philippe last week.

When do you expect our destination to reopen?

We look forward to welcoming guests as soon as it is advisable but it is still too early to announce a reopening date.

Public or private gatherings are limited to 10 people until June 1. Could our destination reopen on June 2?

We are working closely with other Disney Parks, public authorities, our social partners and our reopening plans will be presented to our CSE (Social and Economic Council).

It is still too early to announce a reopening date, as the situation is still evolving.

Events involving more that 5,000 people will not be able to take place before September 2020. Given that Disneyland Paris hosts more than 5,000 guests and Cast, does this mean that Disneyland Paris will not open by then?

That restriction to 5,000 people mentioned by Edouard Philippe is related to one-off events that must be declared to the Prefecture in advance – like festivals, professional fairs, sporting events, soccer matches etc. It is our understanding that our destination is not affected by this measure. We will continue to work closely with the authorities to adjust our plans based on their latest recommendations and therefore, we might need to be adjust our operations when we re-open. For more information about this restriction not related to Disneyland Paris, please visit the sites of the public authorities.

The Prime Minister also announced that the major sporting events will not take place before September. Could the Run Disney be called into question?

The Disneyland Paris Run Weekend is scheduled to take place from September 24 to 27. We will continue to adjust our operation and events based on updated public and health authority guidance.

What are the elements taken into account in these reopening plans?

Our reopening approach include considerations for all elements of the Cast and Guest Experience, including physical distancing, cleaning measures, etc. as well as government and health authority guidance. As always, the safety of our Cast Members and Guests are at the forefront of our approach to reopening. We will share more with you as soon as possible.

When will these plans be released?

We will share more specific plans when we are able. It is still too early to share the reopening plans. Plans are in accordance with government guidance and must be shared with our CSE (Social and Economic Council).

Businesses are allowed to reopen on May 11. Why not reopen the Disney Village shops?

We will continue to assess the situation and share more information when we are able to do so. The government shared it will discuss reopening plans for bars and restaurants at the end of May.

Author: Salon Mickey Blog

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