21st Century Fox And Disney Stockholders Approve Acquisition By Disney


NEW YORK, New York, July 27, 2018—Twenty-First Century Fox, Inc. (“21st Century Fox”—NASDAQ: FOXA, FOX) and The Walt Disney Company (“Disney”—NYSE: DIS) announced that, at separate special meetings today, stockholders of the two companies approved all proposals related to Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox. The proposals included the adoption by 21st Century Fox stockholders of the merger agreement with Disney (the “Disney Merger Agreement”) and the distribution merger agreement for the spin-off of new “Fox.” Disney stockholders approved the issuance of new common stock that will be distributed to 21st Century Fox stockholders as part of the acquisition.

“Combining the 21CF businesses with Disney and establishing new ‘Fox’ will unlock significant value for our shareholders,” said Rupert Murdoch, Executive Chairman, 21st Century Fox. “We are grateful to our shareholders for approving this transaction. I want to thank all of our executives and colleagues for their enormous contributions in building 21st Century Fox over the past decades. With their help, we expect the enlarged Disney and new ‘Fox’ companies will be pre-eminent in the entertainment and media industries.”

“We’re incredibly pleased that shareholders of both companies have granted approval for us to move forward, and are confident in our ability to create significant long-term value through this acquisition of Fox’s premier assets,” said Robert A. Iger, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Walt Disney Company.  “We remain grateful to Rupert Murdoch and to the rest of the 21st Century Fox board for entrusting us with the future of these extraordinary businesses, and look forward to welcoming 21st Century Fox’s stellar talent to Disney and ultimately integrating our businesses to provide consumers around the world with more appealing content and entertainment options.”

Under the Disney Merger Agreement, 21st Century Fox stockholders may elect to receive $38 per share in either cash or shares of New Disney, a new holding company that will become the parent of both Disney and 21st Century Fox (the consideration may be subject to adjustment for certain tax liabilities). The overall mix of consideration paid to 21st Century Fox stockholders will be approximately 50% cash and 50% stock. The stock consideration is subject to a collar, which will ensure that 21st Century Fox stockholders will receive consideration equal to $38 in value if the average Disney stock price at closing is between $93.53 and $114.32. Disney expects to pay a total of about $35.7 billion in cash and issue approximately 343 million New Disney shares to 21st Century Fox stockholders. As a result, current 21st Century Fox stockholders will own a 17-20% stake in New Disney on a pro forma basis.

Last month, the U.S. Department of Justice entered into a consent decree with Disney and 21st Century Fox that allows the transaction to proceed, while requiring the sale of the Fox Sports Regional Networks.  Completion of the transaction is subject to a number of non-U.S. merger and other regulatory reviews, and other customary closing conditions.

Final voting tallies from the 21st Century Fox and Disney special meetings are subject to certification by the companies’ respective inspectors of elections, and will be included in reports to be filed by 21st Century Fox and Disney with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Aloha e ‘Olu!


Duffy’s new friend ‘Olu is making his global debut at Aulani, A Disney Resort & Spa, in Ko Olina, Hawaii today (27 July 2018) and here is the story how Duffy meets his latest friend ‘Olu.

As Mickey and Duffy sailed the islands on a quest to find the perfect birthday present for ShellieMay, rhythmic sounds of an ‘ukulele called to them over the ocean, leading them to a cozy cove and to ‘Olu, a kindhearted turtle playing happy music.


‘Olu smiled and shyly greeted Duffy, “I play my ‘ukulele to make songs of love. Want to sing with me?” ‘Olu strummed a beautiful song for his new friends. “That will be the perfect present for ShellieMay!” said Duffy excitedly. Off to the party they went, singing the special song together for their birthday friend.

An exclusive new line of merchandise for ‘Olu the kindhearted ukulele-playing turtle launches today at Kalepa’s shop starting at 07:00 at the  Aulani, Disney Resort & Spa, in Ko Olina, Hawaii.



Withdrawal of Disability Access Pass results in Collapses of Guest at Disneyland Paris.


By: J Lewis-Jones

On Saturday 7 July 2018 Disneyland Paris hosted the Soirée Marvel at it’s Walt Disney Studios theme park.  The Marvel Soirée was an exclusive ticketed  event for the resorts Annual Pass holders with a theme centred on Marvel Super Heroes. The event proved very  popular with tickets selling out  within a few days of release.

For many Disney fans it would be a chance to met their favourite Marvel Super Heroes, but for one guest attending the party that evening it would lead to dramatic consequences.

The  Marvel Soirée saw Disneyland Pairs once again withdraw their normal Disability access rules for character Meet ‘n’ Greets,  like they did for the controversial Disney FanDaze event held the previous month.

The shock announcement of the withdrawal of Disability Access passes at  Disney FanDaze caused condemnation on social media, as prior to the event guests were reassured  by the resort that Disability passes would be accepted as normal at the event. The withdrawal (announced just 24 hours before the event) resulted in a number of serious problems for  guests with disabilities and special needs, without the access passes guests were required to wait in line for up to four hours to meet the special Disney characters that were in attendance at Disney FanDaze.  Many of the disabled attendees  eventually abandoned the character queues altogether that evening as they were unable to wait in line for such long periods due to the constraints of their medical conditions.

The disabled fan community  had hoped that the  complaints the resort received following the withdrawal of Disability Access for character Meet ‘n’ Greets at Disney FanDaze  would ensure that it would never happen again.  To the dismay of  Disability Access pass holders attending the Marvel Soirée, Disneyland Paris Management once again took the decision to withdraw Disability access  for character Meet ‘n’ Greets.

What is a Disability Access card?

There are two types of Disability Access cards issued by Disneyland Paris.  A Green pass for those visitors with permanent disabilities and an Orange pass for those with temporarily access needs.  Full details of the assistance the resort offers to visitors with disabilities and special needs can found on the Disneyland Paris website.

For  Guests with either  a Green and Orange pass wishing to meet a Disney character they are given a return time, which is normally the time of the length of the queue would take.  So they can go for a sit down or do something else during the waiting period.  They then return at the appointed time to the exit of the Meet ‘n’ Greet location to keep waiting times to a minimum for pass holders.

For Lisa Graham a 30 year old  freelance educator from the United Kingdom who was diagnosed with epilepsy eight years ago this decision by Disneyland Paris lead to near tragic consequences.

Lisa booked her ticket to the Marvel Soirée  especially  to meet  Black Widow.    When she booked her ticket and three night stay at Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe she was told that Disability Access passes would be accepted as normal at the event.

“Meeting Black Widow is the one thing I wanted to do and the reason I had booked that weekend and not a quieter time” Lisa told Salon Mickey.

She continued “When I went over [to the Black Widow Meet ‘n’ Greet] there was a huge queue which wasn’t unexpected but they had set it up so that the [camera] flash was coming through the glass windows of the Blockbuster Café and then you queued for about 20 minutes inside the cafe facing the [camera] flash”.

“After a few minutes I could feel my brain starting to react to the flash so I approached a Cast Member,  the first cast member was French and went to get someone who understood English better so we stood for a while waiting for that”.

“When I finally spoke to someone they were very rude and dismissive.   I requested a time to come back and explained that standing in that queue would end up with me having a seizure. “

“I was told things like the wheelchair users are in the same queue. I admit at that point of waiting around just to be told no, everyone has to queue despite it making me ill, it wound me up”.

“A second even ruder Cast Member came over and they just kept saying that my carer could queue. I explained that my carer has to be with me at all times. They then said I could sit down. I explained again that I could not face a [camera] flash for 30 minutes and that it would make me seize”.

“I was just met with well tough then you can’t do the meet. By this point sadly I had been in front of the flash too long and got an aura which tells me I’m going to seize”


“My exact words were ‘thanks Disney you’ve caused a seizure’,  before I went to try and minimise injury”.  “The entire area there is concrete and gravel and so I protected my head but got a lot of cuts and bruises”.

Lisa who wears a Medical Alert necklace and an electronic Medical Alert tag continued  “The last thing I remember is me losing control of my speech and muscles and then I lost consciousness”.   “Despite me loudly saying I was going to seize no one seemed to care”.

Eye witnesses have told Salon Mickey that Lisa was on the ground for well over 15 minutes before Cast Members radioed for assistance. 

Several eye witnesses  we spoke to also commented that they believe the Cast Members  called for Security first because other Guests were shouting at them to call for urgent medical assistance and were pleading with them to fetch water and they appeared to have felt threatened.

“I came around and it takes a while for my brain fog to lift, I know my carer was near me and friends around but I distinctly remember looking up and two Cast Members just staring”.

“At one point people were asking and shouting for water.”   “People then got angry because they were told they would radio for water”.  “I was on the ground outside a cafe…. “

“After a while people in red turned up and attempted to block the view but I was achey and cranky.  By that point and water was given from a friend”.

Benn an eye witness to the incident told Salon Mickey “Guest Flow [Cast Members] were just standing around looking shocked, everybody was woefully untrained for this kind of situation.”

“Fire and Rescue turned up and asked the normal questions. They wanted to take me to a Doctor but I knew by that point there was little they could do. I needed the medical care ten minutes before. I sat with them for a while before moving to Studio One to get sugary drink and sit still”.

One of Lisa’s friends who witnessed her collapse went with her to Studio Services to report the incident and they were there for two hours.

“Despite having all the details no one from Disney has apologised”.  “I made it very clear to them if I had been in status I would have needed drugs 10 minutes before they reached me and would  have brain damage right now.”

“Its scary and had robbed me of my confidence in Disney.  Unless they acknowledge to me that something went terribly wrong that night I’m not sure I can return”.  “Honestly I  just want Disney to just acknowledge a screw up happened, ensure training is given and review why green passes aren’t being honoured during special events”.

“They [Disneyland Paris] have called an it exceptional incident but I laughed. So many people had a terrible night”.

“I have so many things I wish I could say to Disney.   The thing that sticks out is that on the Sunday daytime they were rushing fainting people off like a top emergencies,  but for some reason on the Saturday night they didn’t seem to care at all.”

“Disney really need to acknowledge how serious it was because if I had been in epileptic status I could have had brain damage by the point that they [Fire and Rescue] showed up.”  “I was in the park two days afterwards and honestly it has killed my love of Disney a bit that despite having all the details no one thought an apology was appropriate”.

“I know they often don’t want to accept liability but this is so clear cut. They screwed up and there are dozens of witnesses. Random strangers were tweeting about it and all the official Disney handles are silent.”

“I am an Infinity annual pass holder but I’m unsure if I will return because Disney do not seem to think that there behaviour was wrong despite endangering my life. Their complete disregard to mine and others safety is disgusting.”

Salon Mickey reached out to Disneyland Paris for a comment regarding the withdrawal of Disability Access passes at  Disney FanDaze and the Marvel Soirée and in telephone conversation we were told by a spokesperson:   “That  there  appears to have been a mix up in the past about Special Access Passes, but we confirm that the policy is to accept these passes”.  “We are working with the  Operational Teams to ensure this is made clear for future hard ticket events,   so there should be no similar problems like we had at the Marvel event.”  He continued “We are in contact with the Guest regarding the incident”.

Disneyland Paris has also supplied us with this written statement:

“Disney Special Access Passes for guests with disabilities are valid at all times. We recently learned of incidents where they may not have been fully honoured for some aspects of the events and we apologise for this error. Meeting the needs of our guests with disabilities is extremely important to us, and we continue to build on our efforts.”

We also received the following information from Disneyland Paris on how they are  improving disability access at the resort.

Disneyland Paris remains committed to accessibility, and  we have received a number of awards and certifications – most recently for the sign language version of “Mickey and the Magician” (award from Tourisme & Handicaps).

Over the last year we’ve gone even further by:

Partnering with a renowned Doctor specialising in autism; Paralympic champion Michael Jeremiaz and the state-recognised association “Destination pour tous”.

Re-enforcing leader-specific training on accessibility (more than 300 Leaders have been trained, and sessions are planned to continue in the year to come).

Increasing the number of guests with disabilities who can ride attractions together (from 1 to 5).

Cancelling the compulsory companion on 5 different attractions.

Reducing the age of the required companions from 18 – to 15-years old to help families and groups with young teenagers.

Investing significantly in structural buildings.

Increasing the number of parade and show viewing zones reserved specifically for guests with disabilities.

The majority of boutiques, restaurants and theatres are now equipped with induction loop for guests with hearing impairment.

Last year Disneyland Paris welcomed 110,000 guests who required special assistance passes.

Paris’s Gare du Nord station to be refurbished.

With the Treaty of Le Touquet under threat as Brexit approaches SNCF this week unveiled plans to refurbishment Paris’s Gare du Nord train station, stating that the redevelopment would address “the challenges of reinforced border controls due to Brexit”.

Currently the Treaty of Le Touquet allows for both countries’ passport checks to take place as passengers board the train – meaning when they arrive they can walk straight out of the station without waiting.

But the treaty’s future is uncertain, with Brexit negotiations still up in the air and calls from Paris for it to be revisited.

Travellers could also face additional checks as the UK leaves the customs union, while the EU is also pushing forward with plans to force travellers from the UK to apply for travel authorisation in advance, including paying a fee.

If passport control for passengers are relocated post Brexit this will of create problems for Eurostar and those travelling to Disneyland Paris as the Marne-la-Vallée/Chessy train station does not presently have the facilities for such boarder control checks to be carried out upon arrival.

Disney Access One to launch at Disneyland Paris

Starting July 24th until September 30th, Disneyland Paris will propose to its guests the Disney Access One to make the most of Summer!

Always looking for new means to meet guests’ expectations, Disneyland Paris introduces this new service which will allow them to speedily hop on one of our most popular attractions* whenever they wish, with no time slot!

This service will be available in limited quantities, at the closest shop of the concerned attraction (no pre-sales), for a €15 flat fee per person per attraction, valid once during the day of purchase, and will come with a souvenir to remember this great experience.

The usual FASTPASS available for free to all parks guests will remain unchanged.

*Available for Big Thunder Mountain, Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast, Star Wars Hyperspace Mountain, Star Tours: L’Aventure Continue, Indiana Jones et le Temple du Péril, Peter Pan’s Flight, Ratatouille: l’Aventure Totalement Toquée de Rémy, Rock’n’Roller Coaster starring Aeromsith, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.

Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch now welcomes dogs.

Don’t be surprised if you encounter a dog on a leash while you enjoy the great outdoors at Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch.

Inspired by a similar policy already in place at Walt Disney World Resort from today, the hotel is offering a new option for families that want to bring their dog with them, in 15 bungalow

This offer comes with some restrictions, and costs €30 per night:

Category 1 and 2 dogs will not be allowed.

Category 1: Attack Dogs – Dogs whose appearance is of American Staffordshire Terrier (pit-bulls), Mastiff (boerbulls) and Tosa types (i.e. without pedigree). It is prohibited to bring these dogs into France

Category 2: Defense and Guard Dogs – Dogs of American Staffordshire Terrier, Rottweiler, and Tosa breeds (i.e. with pedigree), and dogs of a Rottweiler type (without pedigree)

All dogs must be identified with an electronic chip or tattoo.

One animal is allowed per bungalow (dog-friendly bungalows are Pioneer and Premium Plus). The animal’s vaccinations must be up to date.

Guests will receive a welcome kit including items such as a collar and bowls.

Disney Parks and Disney Village will remain canine-free zones (except service animals).

Guests should make arrangements for the on-site kennel if necessary before and after check-in and -out, and for their dog’s food – though dry food will be available at the boutique of Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch.

This new test program is an exciting addition to the list of add-ons available for Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch, the second dog-friendly hotel at Disneyland Paris after Villages Nature.

Further information about the new dog- friendly accommodation at Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch can be found on the resorts website.

Le Rendez-Vous Gourmand returns to Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris celebrates European gastronomy by hosting, for the first time, Italy, Spain and Belgium with French regions and vegan culture at the 2nd edition of “Le Rendez-Vous Gourmand” in the Walt Disney Studios Park from 27 July to 30 September 2018.

With “Le Rendez-Vous Gourmand”, visitors to the Walt Disney Studios Park will have the chance to dive in the heart of the most beautiful French regions and enjoy their best specialties at the Walt Disney Studios Park, in Hollywood Boulevard & Paris Street from 10AM to 6PM on weekdays and 10AM to 8PM on weekends

Alsace, Savoy, Brittany, South West, Provence or the West Indies will give pride of place to taste experiences with a selection of recipes and regional products: sauerkraut, fish soup, terrine of fois gras, tartiflette , socca niçoise or even accras will be offered for tasting in the 6 chalets decorated with the effigy of each region and legitimately installed in Rue de Paris, near the Place de Rémy, the Ratatouille attraction and the Bistrot de Rémy, an area dedicated to French gastronomy.

Sweet dishes but also unavoidable desserts such as gingerbread, kouign-amann, fluted or coconut flan, washed down with the best regional wines and ciders will be the delight of visitors who will be able to taste all these wonders served in take-away portions and / or choose to extend the experience by bringing home some of these regional products sold in the Park.

The novelty of this edition “Le Rendez-Vous Gourmand” is the integration of a European culinary route, on Hollywood Boulevard in the Walt Disney Studios Park where Spain, Italy, Belgium and a selection of vegetarian recipes from all European countries will be offered for the first time.

Paella, tortilla, lasagna or falafel, churros, panna cotta, Catalan cream not to mention the fabulous Liège waffle, Disneyland Paris has decided to travel the taste buds of its visitors with the iconic recipes of our beautiful Europe. And to sublimate all these dishes and traditional desserts, a cottage will be entirely dedicated to French and European spirits: wines from all regions, ciders or beers.

With the second edition “Le Rendez-Vous Gourmand”, Disneyland Paris wants to encourage visitors to discover new flavors and experience a unique experience in its theme parks!