Fans call for Disneyland Paris to withdraw the Lineberty App.

This week we held a poll asking our readers if they are happy with the use of the recently implemented Lineberty App for booking Character Meet ‘n’ Greets at the Walt Disney Studios Park in Disneyland Paris.

The responce from our readers was an outstanding call for Disneyland Paris to withdraw the on-line smart phone application.

366 people voted in our poll with 71% of our readers voting for the controversial application to be withdrawn with 29% happy for it to remain.

Many of our readers voiced their concerns about the implementation of the application which has replaced the traditional queuing system to meet their favourite Disney characters.

The main cause of complaints were that Meet ‘n’ Greet slots were filling within minutes of their release in the early morning disappointing many guests tying to book a slot.

A number of readers voiced their concerns that if the Lineberty App is introduced to Parc Disneyland they would no longer visit the resort and not renew their Annual Pass.

A major cause of concern from guests attending with those with disabilities was that they could be attending to medical issues when the slots were released meaning they would miss out on meeting Disney characters during their time in the park.

There were also a few guests in favour of the new system and they belived the introduction of Lineberty is a good idea and enables guests to meet characters without having to wait in queues.

Hopefully Disneyland Paris managment will listen to the guest feedback they are receiving about the use of the Lineberty application and take the necessary steps to improve the guest experience and make meeting characters in the Walt Disney Studios Park fairer for all guests.


Author: Salon Mickey

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