Affected by the SNCF strike? Duffy asks Eurostar some important questions.


As you may be aware the French rail network is being disrupted by strike action which is scheduled for two days out of five right through to 28 June, as Guillaume Pépy, the boss of SNCF takes on the French rail unions with the backing of President Macron.

As a consequence of the SNCF strike action Duffy’s favourite route to Disneyland Paris the direct Disneyland Paris Eurostar service between London St. Pancras International and Marne-la-Vallée will be effected.


Eurostar trains will be running on strike days however they will now depart at 10:14 from London St. Pancras International, 10:34 from Ebbsfleet International, 10:58 from Ashford International and will arrive into Paris Gare du Nord station at 14:03 instead of Marne-la-Vallée, there will also be a scheduled stop in Lille Europe.

This will mean Eurostar passengers will have to make their own way from central Paris to Disneyland. The quickest way is to take the RER from Gare du Nord to Marne-la-Vallée.

Passengers will need to take the RER D or B lines from Gare du Nord to Chatelet Les Halles and change for the RER A to Marne-la-Vallée / Disneyland Paris.

The RER trains operate regularly (approx. every 15 minutes) and the travel time should be between 39 and 45 minutes. Further information on this RER journey can be found here.


There are expected to be Eurostar personnel on-board the train who will be able to provide passengers with further information and assistance.

If you booked your Eurostar train as part of a package through a Travel agent or Tour operator, Eurostar are advising that you contact them directly for terms and conditions relating to any changes you may wish to make.

If you did not book your Eurostar train as part of a package and wish to exchange your ticket to another date or claim a refund instead, you can do so by contacting your original point of sale to arrange this.

If you are returning on a SNCF strike day the Eurostar is still running, however it will now depart from Paris Gare du Nord at 18.34 instead of Marne la Vallee and will arrive at London St. Pancras International at 20:02. Passengers are being asked to make sure they arrive at Paris Gare du Nord station at least 60 minutes before expected departure.

Again passengers will need to make their own way to Paris Gare du Nord and there will be Eurostar representatives present at Marne la Vallee / Disneyland Paris station who will be present to answer any questions and to show passengers how to get to Gare du Nord.

The best option again is to take the RER A from Marne-la-Vallée to Chatelet Les Halles and then take RER B on the opposite side of the platform to Gare-du-Nord for one stop. Then follow the Main Lines signs to the Eurostar.


Duffy is scheduled to be travelling to Disneyland Paris on a SNCF strike day with Eurostar he is, as you can imagine quite concerned about the disruption to his journey. So earlier this week he asked Rebecca from the Eurostar Press Office some questions he had about his Eurostar journey.

Will Eurostar commit to reimbursing RER fares between Paris Gare du Nord and Marne la Vallee / Disneyland Paris?

Yes, we are covering the cost of the RER fares for passengers on diverted trains. We are also ensuring we have additional staff issuing these tickets and advising passengers on how to make the connection.

If passengers have paid significantly more money to travel directly to Disneyland Paris and their train is diverted to Paris will their fares be adjusted to the cost of going via Lille (for example) which is always a much cheaper route?

The price of our tickets is always based on availability and demand for any given service. We’re focused on getting our passengers to Disney as soon as we can so that they can start their holiday, which is why we have provided additional resource and RER tickets to reduce the impact of the strikes as much as possible.

Will passengers automatically be eligible for compensation for the delay in arriving at Marne la Vallée?

Our normal compensation rules will apply, so if their journey were to be delayed by 60 minutes or more then they will be entitled to compensation and will automatically receive an email with details on this

Will passengers with special needs be expected to travel via the RER route to Disneyland Paris or will Eurostar be supplying an alternative form of transport to Marne la Vallée for them?

Eurostar will provide an alternative options for these passengers on a case by case basis.

Can passengers booked on the direct Disneyland Paris service travelling on strike days request a refund?

If a passenger is booked on a cancelled train then they will be eligible for a free exchange or refund in full.

How to get from Paris Gare du Nord to Marne la Vallee / Disneyland Paris.

Below you will find some very useful video guides created by our friend Thomas Ralph that will help prepare you for the trip on the RER between Paris and Disneyland which were made for the Daniel Potter’s Disneyland Paris Advice Facebook group.

The first shows you the route from Paris Gare du Nord to Marne la Vallee / Disneyland Paris.

The second video shows you the reverse journey from Marne la Vallee / Disneyland Paris to Paris Gare du Nord.

Duffy also recommends the excellent guide written by his friend Geoff Dodds for DLP Town Square to help you travel between Paris Gare du Nord to Marne la Vallee / Disneyland Paris.

Getting from Gare du Nord to Disneyland Paris.

Here are some useful links that will give you further information about the disruption.

Eurostar Service Information



The Local

We would like to thank Rebecca at Eurostar for taking the time to speak to us this week.

A new musical production of The Lion King to premiere at Disneyland Paris in 2019.


Disneyland Paris adds The Lion King show to its 2019 entertainment line-up

The Lion King is ready to roar in a brand new musical stage show
at Disneyland Paris in 2019.

Favoured characters such as Simba, Nala, Timon and Pumbaa, along with the iconic songs and the classic story from the film, will come to life onstage for a brand new musical production based on The Lion King in a newly renovated Chaparral Theater in Disneyland Park.

The Lion King show is just one of many entertainment options available to guests visiting Disneyland Paris – from live stage shows to the beloved daily parade and seasonal events.

Currently guests are choosing their side in the interactive and musical Festival of Pirates and Princesses season, while audiences in Walt Disney Studios Park are being amazed during the third season of the award-winning Mickey and the Magician show.

This summer, Marvel Super Heroes will arrive at the Walt Disney Studios Park for the Marvel Summer of Super Heroes season including an epic show at Studio Theater, with Thor, Black Widow, Spider-Man, and even the Incredible Hulk.

With this new offering and as Europe’s number one tourist destination, Disneyland Paris is strengthening its reputation as Europe’s premier location for innovative and thrilling entertainment for all ages.

Land of the Dead to premiere at Disneyland Paris.


In a ground breaking deal announced today between The Walt Disney Company and American based cable television network AMC, Disneyland Paris is to receive a “Walking Dead” mini-themed land to open in time for the 2021 Halloween Season.


The “Land Of The Dead” will feature a number of Walking Dead themed attractions where Guests will enter the post-apocalyptic world of AMC’s “The Walking Dead”.

Disneyland Paris Guests will be prepared by Cast Members to fight for survival in a fully immersive journey where they will navigate through a world overrun by hungry walkers.

Those brave enough to enter the new land will follow in the footsteps of the human survivors as they battle their way through nightmarish iconic landscapes that bring the most popular television show in history to life.

Greg Nicotero (Director, Executive Producer, Special Effects Makeup Supervisor) and KNB Efx, from the critically acclaimed series, will be consulted to help with the attractions.

A zombie themed counter service restaurant “Café Zombie” will also feature in the new land where Disneyland Paris will use their existing culinary experience to serve apocalyptic military-issue style rations in a zombie like service experience.

[Happy April Fools Day]