Disneyland Paris Issues Soft Toy Product Recall.

Disneyland Paris has issued a Product Recall for sixteen soft toys  sold at the resort between 21 December 2015 and 10 May 2017.

The soft toys contain a chemical substance which  exceeds the legal limit in France. As of 10 May 2017, Disneyland Paris reports that no claims or incidents related to these products have been reported.

Cast Members and Visitors have been requested not to use these cuddly toys and to return them to Disneyland Paris for reimbursement in the shops in the parks, Disney Village or the Disney hotels.

If you own any of the soft toys listed below you are advised to contact the resort for a refund.

Minnie Ludic Rattle SKU 207174113010
Meeko SKU 207123015017
Leroy 13P SKU 207003009009
Roucky 10P SKU 207123014001
Mrs Samovar SKU 20712301 6029.
Set Volt & Mittens SKU 207123015014
Set Stitch & Angel SKU 207003009040
Seated Bambi SKU 207003015015
Emile 12P SKU 207003014011
Lady & Tramp Set SKU 207123015012
Mickey Ludic Rattle SKU 207174013014 14K
Polo Shirt SKU 207003008066
Minnie Ludic Doudou SKU 207174113009
Minnie Mini Pink Winter Plush SKU 207203115005
Tinkerbell Soft Doll KU 207123117011
Stitch 12P Love Me T-Shirt SKU 207123015006

You can contact Disneyland Paris by mail: Disneyland Paris Communication Visitors, Borte Postale 100 , 77777, Mamela Vallée, Cedex 4, France

For more information, please contact 00 331 64 7461 66 (Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm, excluding French holidays) or send an email to dlp.sav@disney.com


Credit: Carrie Donkin