Rio Grand pathway to Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne is closed

The refurbishment of Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne continues and they have now moved onto the blocks overlooking the river. 

This means a longer walk than usual to the hotel from the Disney Village.

The pathway along side Disney’s Hotel New York is now closed, so Guests need to cross the bridge towards Disney’s Sequoia Lodge Hotel and take the woodland riverside pathway alongside the Sequoia Lodge which emerges next to Disney’s Santa Fe Hotel.

From there walk past the second bridge over the river which is closed and head long the path towards the third bridge next to the crashed UFO.   

Here you can cross the river and enter the Hotel Cheyenne.

It’s a bit of a convoluted route but a nice and peaceful 40 minutes walk through the woods if your in one of the accommodation block nearest to the park.

Or join the crowds and squeeze onto the shuttle buses which run every 15 minutes.


Author: Salon Mickey

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