All board the Disneyland Railroad with engineer Yasin Haÿdi.

In this months edition of the Disneyland Paris webcast We Are Disneyland we join Cast Member Yasin Haÿdi on the Disneyland Railroad.

Steam trains were one of Walt Disney’s biggest passions.  He even had his own railroad built in his garden, and the Disney Parks honour this great love.  Yasin drives one of the four steam locomotives at Disneyland Paris that travel around the Disneyland Park.

The day begins at the “roundhouse” (the building where the trains are kept), where the engineers stoke up the locomotives and take them onto the tracks. “They’re real steam locomotives but they run on diesel fuel instead of coal,” he explains . After a station master has checked the tracks for any obstacles, Yasin and his colleagues fire up the boiler.

The locomotive arrives at Main Street U.S.A. by 10 a.m. to take the first Guests on board. “There are lots of regulars – including train spotters – who are fascinated and love taking photos and talking to us”, says Yasin. “One young Guest loves Disneyland Railroad so much that he asked his parents to make him an engineer’s outfit. He comes to see us a lot and tells me that our job is unique!”

 “In the morning, when Disneyland Paris is empty and you look out over the streets from the train, you get a real sense of peace.”


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