Big Thunder Mountain restored to its former glory.


Here are some exclusive photographs taken by our friends over at who attended a special tour of the newly refurbished Big Thunder Mountain Railroad attraction at Disneyland Paris last week.

From these photographs  it  plain to see that the ride has been restored to its former glory after the attractions year long refurbishment.  The colours on the rocks look so vibrant.

It has been reported that many of the rides special effects have been re-created and that the original manufacturer of the runway mine train roller coaster Vekoma have been heavily involved in the refurbishment work by improving the attractions ride control system.

The ride is scheduled  to officially re-open on the 17th December 2016, but there are rumours that a soft opening will take place on the 9th December.

More exclusive photgraphs of the refurbished Big Thunder Mountain Railroad can be found on the Looopings website.





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