Disneyland Paris to make ‘big’ announcement on Monday 

Last week the official Corporate Twitter feed of the Euro Disney Group published  a Tweet promising that a big announcement would be made on Monday 17 October 2016.

“We’ve got a great announcement to make next Monday… Keep following to hear from our Présidente Catherine Powell”.

Since then speculation has grown within the Disneyland Paris fan community on what this announcement could be.  Most fans speculate that Monday will see an announcement about the resorts 25th Anniversary celebrations which start next year.

But fans being fans some of the rumours appearing on fan forums, Twitter and Facebook following the announcement made last Monday have been quite amusing to read.

They include everything from the building of a new hotel, a third theme park, a possible new attraction and even the renaming of the Disneyland Park to the Magic Kingdom.

Photo Credit: ED92

The rumours of a possible name change came about after our friends ED92 Tweeted photographs of the entrance to the park which is presently under refurbishment with it’s familiar Disneyland Paris sign removed.

Could the park be re-named?

Well its not inconceivable for such a move to be made.  The main park was originally to be called The Magic Kingdom, but the name was changed to Euro Disneyland prior to construction.

In the resorts short  history the main park has been called:

Euro Disneyland (1992 – 1994)
Euro Disneyland Paris (1994)
Disneyland Paris  (1995 – 2001)
Disneyland Park / Parc Disneyland (2002 onwards)

The resort it self has seen several name changes since it opened in 1992:

Euro Disney Resort  (1992 – 1994)
Euro Disney Resort Paris  (1994)
Disneyland Paris (1995 – 2001)
Disneyland Resort Paris  (2001 – 2008)
Disneyland Paris (2009 onwards)

So what will the announcement on Monday be about?

My money is on details of the resorts 25th Anniversary celebrations being released.

So far the resort has remained very tight lipped about it’s plans to celebrate the parks 25th Anniversary on the  12 April 2017,  and with the latest Disneyland Paris holiday brochures about to appear on the shelves of travel agents all over Europe any time now this would make the most sense.