A report from the Rehabilitation Shareholders Conference.

Photo Credit:  Jorien @DisneyKindaDay
Photo Credit: Jorien @DisneyKindOFDay

Shareholders of Disneyland Paris were invited to a conference held at Disney’s Hotel New York Convention Centre on Wednesday 28th September 2016 for a presentation on the on-going Experience Enhancement Programme currently underway at the resort.

Here is a short  summary of the presentation given by Daniel Delcourt, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Disneyland Paris.

Big Thunder Mountain

A new automatic train recovery system is being installed that will reduce the time it takes for the ride to become re-operational after an emergency stop.  

Under the old system the ride trains had to be towed to the loading area and the recovery  used to take at least an hour.  

With the new system being installed the recovery time will be reduced to around 20 minutes.  Enabling the ride to become operational much sooner after a 101.


The ride will also see the installation of new special effects and the famous geysers on the banks of The Rivers of the Far West are set to become operational again for the first time in 20 years.


Star Tours – The Adventures Continue

The rides post show area will become the largest Star Wars  boutique in Europe,  and the existing Star Traders boutique is being transformed become an indoor  Meet ‘n’ Greet character location.  A Star Wars version of the popular Princess Pavilion.

A new X-Wing fighter will be installed on the roof of the Star Traders building replacing the communications antennae that was blown up during  the finale of the Last Flight to Endor event.


Pirates of the Caribbean

A complete rehabilitation of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride is planned which will see new effects added to the attraction. 

The ride is scheduled to be closed between early January 2017 until summer 2017.

Studio Tram Tour

The Studio Tram Tour: Behind the Magic  attraction at Walt Disney Studios Park has been removed from the Experience Enhancement Programme for the time being and a refurbishment programme of the attraction is  under study.

Moteurs… Action! Stunt Show Spectacular

The is the possibility that the show will change with the integration of elements from the forthcoming Cars 3 movie which is scheduled for release in summer 2017.

Phantom Manor

A complete rehabilitation of the Phantom Manor attraction in Frorntierland is planned after the 25th Anniversary.

The refurbishment will also see new scenes added to the attraction.

This will be the rides first full refurbishment in it’s 25 year history and will last for six months.


Space Mountain

The Discoveryland attraction Space Mountain  will receive a make-over inside the ride. 

No further information about this was given but speculation is that the ride will receive the  Hyperspace Mountain make-over that other Disney Theme parks have received.


A quality improvement programme of the products and services offered at the resorts restaurants is underway.  All beef burgers served in Disneyland Paris are now from Angus cows.

In Casey’s Corner  hot dogs can be ordered with a either beef of pork sausage and there will be a hot dog of the month launched.  

There is no indication of a vegetarian sausage will be made available yet.

There are plans for a dish based on the theme of  each of the restaurants  to feature on its menu.

In the buffet restaurants  interaction between Guests and Casts Members is being encouraged during the cutting and serving of dishes.

It was also confirmed that Buzz Lightyear’s Pizza Planet restaurant in Discoveryland will remain closed and will not open again in it’s present format and theme.

Entertainment &  Shows

The return of a parade in the Walt Disney Studios park is under consideration, we do not know what this will be, but some type of daily parade is being considered.

There will be an  increase in the number of characters Meet ‘n’ Greet locations in the resort which will increase the opportunity for Guests to meet with the characters.  

This may include an additional Marvel Meet ‘n’ Greet location added to the  Walt Disney Studios park.

There at no plans for adding any new attractions to the resort at the moment.

There will be some changes made to the Disney Dreams! night time spectacular in the Disneyland Park for the 25th  Anniversary and permanent shows will return to the Castle Stage in Fantasyland.

Resort Hotels

Free Wi-Fi is now available in all the resorts hotel rooms, the service is currently being installed in the newly refurbished Texas rooms in Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne.

It was admitted to Shareholders that the refurbishment of Disney’s Newport Bay Club Hotel  which was performed in two parts  was a mistake.  Many complaints were made by guests because of the noise pollution generated and the disturbance caused to residents who were staying in the  hotel during the time of the refurbishment works.

In future hotels will now be completely closed during their rehabilitation.

The next hotel to be renovated will be Disney’s Hotel New York, which will commence soon and will last for 18 months.  Then it will be the turn of the Disneyland Hotel.


The Casts Members recently elected their “Ambassadors” and just over 6,000 Cast Members participated in the “Join the Disney attitude” training programme.



Complimentary wireless high-speed Internet access  is being installed in the theme parks. The Wi-Fi service will  become operational  in 2017, first in the Walt Disney Studios Park and then in the Disneyland Park.


Delegates were told that the problem of guests smoking in the theme parks is being taken very seriously by the resorts management.

The litter bins  in the resort are being updated to feature No Smoking signs.  

This signage has been applied to enable Casts Members to make it  clear to visitors that the parks are Non Smoking.  Cast Members will then guide Guests to the dedicated smoking  areas.

The existing No Smoking signage in the resort has been enlarged and  300 litter bins are due to have the new No Smoking signage added to them.


A test will be performed from October in some of the toilet blocks in the resort where a push-button will be installed to enable Guests to report on the quality and cleanliness of the toilets.

The system will be connected directly to Park Operations which will enable them to  send a cleaning crew when required.



Ticketing System

There will be changes made to the ticket turnstiles to enable the use of the new style park ticket. The newly introduced RFID Magic Cards which are issued to hotel residents will soon be fully integrated into the parks systems and will include park tickets, PhotoPass, Meal Vouchers and their hotel room key.  At present the card can only be used a hotel charge card.


Water Filtration System

A new water filtering system has been installed to prevent the water pools in the park from turning green with algae.


Conference Photo Credit: Disney Kind Of Day


Author: Salon Mickey

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