Mickey & the Magician Pin Trading Event

Tickets for the Mickey & the Magician Pin Trading Event being held at Disneyland Paris on 25 June 2016 go on sale on 7 June.

Tickets cost €45 and brunch is included.

The Mickey & the Magician pin trading event is being held at Disney’s Hotel New York, Coliseum Convention Centre from 11:00 am until 3pm.

The event is limited to 350 people and ticked can be booked  by calling the Disneyland Paris Reservation Centre on: 

00 33 1 60 30 60 53.

New consession stand opens in Adventureland Bazaar

A new concession stand has opened in Adventureland Bazaar in Disneyland Paris selling fresh fruit, toasted seeds and dried fruit, energy bars and pineapple whip flavoured vanilla ice cream.

Lynn ( on Twitter who has tasted the new pineapple whip ice cream treat said  “It is really sweet and refreshing at the same time.  But the ice cream combined with the juice and syrup is really nice”.


The prices at the new stand are:

Fresh fruit – €1.50
Toasted seeds and dried fruit – €1.99
Dried fruit – €2.19
Energy bars – €2.19
Pineapple whip flavoured vanilla ice cream – €3.99


Photo Source: DisneylandBerry

Frozen Summer Fun 2016 starts today

The Frozen Summer Fun season starts today Saturday 4  June 2016 in Disneyland Paris, and the full programme can be found here.

The Frozen Fun timings for Monday to Friday next week are:

Frozen Sing Along
[Chaparral Theatre]
French: 12:45 / 14:45 / 17:45
English: 13:15 / 16:45 / 18:45

A Royal Welcome
[Parade Route]
16:15 / 20:15 / 21:15

Disney Magic on Parade
[Parade Route]

Disney Dreams!