Olaf’s Frozen Escape!  to open at Walt Disney Studios. [April Fools Day 2016]

UPDATE:  Happy April Fools day everyone!
I hope you all enjoyed our April Fools Day prank this year…..

We can’t take full credit for this prank story concept as it originally appeared on the Touring Plans blog in year. 

According to a leaked Euro Disney S.C.A.  press release, Olaf’s Frozen Escape! will be coming to Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Paris in 2018.

The attraction will find Guests in a brand new interstellar attraction featuring the lovable snowman from Frozen, Olaf.

The new attraction will see the popular Frozen character mistakenly captured by the galactic authorities who send him to a containment facility, where all kinds of mayhem breaks out.

According to the concept art, the Olaf pre-show includes other characters from Frozen.

Once Guests are seated in the round theater, they will receive a warm hug helping to encourage them to remain seated. The lights will dim and Olaf will appear right in front of guest’s eyes!

Then, because he doesn’t have his personal snow cloud with him, Olaf starts melting, causing him to short-circuit the laser beams, therefore allowing him to be able to interact with Guests.

This fantastic experience will feature cutting-edge audio, the feel of icy cold water droplets, and wait… do you smell carrots?

Guests will also feel as though Olaf is sitting right there on top of their shoulders! Once order is restored to the facility, Olaf will be sent to Arendelle where he can spread the Frozen love wherever he can!

This attraction will be a welcome addition to the resort and Olaf is so lovable and is the perfect character to take over for much loved Stitch Live!

Olaf’s Frozen Escape! is scheduled  to open sometime in 2018.

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