DLP Hot Seat in the Hot Seat.


Last month saw a new style Disneyland Paris podcast hit the internet, the DLP Hot Seat hosted by 19 year-old  Disney  fan Mitchell.  If you have not listened  to his podcast yet I can thoroughly recommend the show.

It’s an unusual format for a Disneyland Paris podcast, instead of telling us all the news and rumours from Paris he has instead decided to  explore the fandom of Disneyland Paris by interviewing the resorts fans.

So I thought I would turn the tables on Mitchell and place him in the hot seat for a change and interview him about his new podcast.

Please introduce your yourself?

I’m Mitchell, in my 19 years on this planet I’ve done a lot of different things, but Disney has always seemed to come back into my heart no matter what, I’m a big fan of television and the showbiz industry and have done a lot of work within that over the last six years.

Who long have you been a fan of Disneyland Paris?

I’d say I’ve loved Disneyland Paris since my first trip in 2004, however I only really became involved in the forums and Twitter in February 2013.


When did you first visit Disneyland Paris?

I first went in 2004 with my mum, returning in 2006 with my whole family.   I then had a long gap, where we were booking trips but not being able to do them.

I finally broke that habit last year and did two coach day trips and a five day holiday. This year I’m planning six days in March, and five days in October and a few day trips here and there to quench my Disney thirst!

Are you an Annual Pass holder?

I am, I bought my Dream pass in October and am incredibly happy with it! Although I do forget to use my discounts a lot of the time!

How did you come up with the idea of the DLP Hot Seat?

I had been thinking for a while of doing something in the fandom, a lot of people have their things (podcasts, blogs, YouTube channels, online shops), where as I felt that I didn’t almost, so I’d been thinking through a few ideas.

In early December this idea came to me and I slowly worked it all out, just as I was set to start it, I remembered that Steve Riley from the Dedicated to DLP podcast  had done ’20 questions with a DLP Fan’ on his website, but thankfully I got Steve’s blessing and then started again and here we are!

Originally it was going to be a blog post, but I wanted to play with a few platforms, but a podcast seemed to work best.

Do you have a favourite episode so far?

I really enjoyed recording with Isaac from Hyperion Gazette, I think we bounce off each other really well, we recorded for almost 2 hours when we only had about eight questions.

I loved recording with Alyssa and Gaetane, they were a bit of a stab in the dark, I knew Gaetane from a character website and had chatted to Alyssa once or twice.  When so many people signed up for series one, I had to pair some up so I asked both girls if they’d mind being paired up, I didn’t realise how much of a winner I was onto until we recorded, what an amazing first episode!

Darren Vose was fun, I loved recording with Stephanie Wyatt, Andrew and Geoff were such a laugh, there’s a few bits from that interview yet to be published, Martin Walker is an amazing guy as are all the future episodes all ready to be published!


When is the next series going to begin?

I’m going to start work in the summer time, I’m unsure when it’ll go out, probably around summer time actually.

Why did you choose to broadcast episodes in rapid succession, then a break and not a weekly or monthly show?

We’re on a 14 episode series, I chose to do a weekly show for a few months as these were originally going to be half hour, some have overflown so it’s become a bit longer, as a person I lose interest very quickly, so if it became a weekly thing, I’d struggle a month or two down the line, but knowing I have a series makes me a lot more motivation, although I haven’t lost that yet, I’ve really enjoyed recording them!

But yeah a weekly series with a few months break is a plan of action, who knows if this will run out of steam soon, but at the minute that’s the plan, I already have some amazing guests lined up for series two and we still have some amazing guests lined up for this series!

Anything else you would like to tell the readers of Salon Mickey?

I can give you an exclusive!

The last episode of series one in April is gonna be quite big, we’ve got Steve from Dedicated To DLP, Mark from IMDO and Dedicated To DLP, Andrew from Magical DLP, Isaac from Hyperion Gazette and myself in a big podcast mash up!

It’s probably going to be manic and impossible to record, but everyone’s up for it and I think as of last night we have a date of recording, as well as this we have episodes recorded with Sam4God, Rebecca Phillips and Luke (NI DLP Geek), I’ll be recording with Eleanor Hawthorne next Wednesday, we will be having a bonus bloopers episode at some point as well as three other episodes that I haven’t revealed yet, but all fantastic people!

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank everybody for their kind support, it’s been so humbling to have people that I’ve followed for years and people that have helped fuel my obsession of Disneyland Paris like Laura Knighton, Steve and Mark, you and so many more people listening and sending in questions to work that I’ve produced.

Well thank you and congratulations on a fantastic podcast.  It’s been fun to listening to the episodes. 

I’m so honoured that people have decided to welcome me into the community with this podcast, it really does mean a lot, I hope you all enjoy the future episodes!


You can find the  DLP Hot Seat on Twitter  and listen to the podcast via:





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