Duffy has his boarding pass for the last Starspeeder 3000 to Endor


I’m excited to announce that Duffy and I have boarding passes for the last Star Tours voyage of the Starspeeder 3000 to the forest moon of Endor before their retirement.

The iconic Star Tours attraction in Discoveryland will close for twelve months on 16  March 2016 when the rides Starspeeder 3000s will be replaced under the Disneyland Paris Experience Enhancement Programme with the all new and upgraded Starspeeder 1000s which will be taking Guests on exciting new voyages to alien worlds like Naboo and Coruscant.


Duffy and I will be attending the Star Tours closing ceremony evening at Disneyland Paris on 16 March and you will be able to follow us live from the event on our  Twitter and Facebook pages.

The upgraded Star Tours attraction is scheduled to reopen in March 2017.








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  1. Steph says:

    I tried to get tickets too. Unfortunately I wasn’t fast enough… The event was fully booked in less than 24 h. It seems like quite a lot of people are excited to join this last trip to Endor.

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