Man found with firearms at Hotel New York sentenced to wear electronic tag for six months.



The man arrested last week while attempting to bring two firearms into Hotel New York at Disneyland Paris has been sentenced to six months ‘placé sur surveillance electronique’ by the Meaux Criminal Court where he was charged with the possession and transport of firearms.

In a surprising move  the 28-year-old man Brice V, has been released to his mother’s home where he will have to live for six months and wear an electronic tag.

In addition to wearing the tag he faces probation and  the inability to own a firearm for five years.  He has also banned from visiting Disneyland Paris property.

Brice V said “I bought the first weapon in June after being assaulted.  And I bought a second in December, after the attacks of November 13.   I am co-manager of a brasserie that has a very large terrace with a bay window. “

Ironically it is in this context of terrorist attacks that the  Parisian restaurateur arrived at Disneyland Paris on Thursday carrying two loaded automatic pistols and a box of ammunition.    He was  intercepted in the lobby  of Hotel New York when Disney Security Staff discovered the firearms during a routine security check of his luggage.  A copy of the Qur’an was also found.

The man, who is unknown to intelligence services and been previously arrested for driving without a licence and speeding.

Brice V was in the process of moving out of Paris and had temporarily left his belongings at his mother’s, but not the weapons because she did not want them in her house.

The court was told that  V. Brice, who converted to Islam in 2005, also had a copy of the Qur’an translated into French in his luggage. “I sleep with it, under my pillow,” he insisted.

“By carrying such weapons, you take the risk of escalation. We are not the United States even if it’s Disney, “said the president Joëlle Nahon of the Meaux Criminal Court.

The president delivered the elements that set fire to the powder-keg  in the context of the emergency: “You had a passport with visas for Algeria and Turkey, as well as tickets from an Arab country. And the friend who accompanied you left hurriedly during the security check. “

“You give us the image of a man who, naively, wanted to protect his business but nothing appears very clear to me. You say you want to frighten people with your weapons. Why not take a replica?”

The man described by his entourage as “nice, with a good heart but somewhat mytho and a liar too”.

The lawyer for Euro Disney S.C.A. the operating company of the Disneyland Paris, Xavier Autain, described mixed feelings: “On Thursday evening, the case presented by the media worried me. Then, this weekend, it calmed down. And today, at the hearing, I do not know. I thought it was much ado about nothing. But in fact, it’s a lot of unanswered questions. ”  His actions has caused “image damage” worldwide.

The Deputy Attorney Séverine Delacour requested fifteen months in prison, six months with custody and to be banned from the Disneyland Paris area.    The defence lawyer Samir Idir suggested an electronic bracelet for his client.

Source: Le Parisien


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