Man with two hand guns arrested at Disneyland Pairs


A man has been arrested in Disneyland Paris after two automatic hand guns were discovered in his luggage.

According to reports on BMFTV the hand guns were found in his bag as he went through the security bag check at Hotel New York.

According to France Inter radio, the 28-year-old man was carrying the firearms in a suitcase and was stopped by Disney security staff after the bag passed through an X-ray machine.

The man did not resist and police were swiftly called to arrest him at around noon local time, France Inter said.

Le Parisien newspaper said the man was stopped at the Hotel New York at the resort and was with a woman who fled the scene.

French media said he was also carrying a box of bullets and a copy of the Koran.

Disneyland Paris release the following statement.

During a routine security screening checkpoint at one of our hotels, weapons were discovered in a guest’s luggage, through our x-ray machine. The police were immediately notified and the individual was arrested. We continue to work closely with the authorities; and the safety and security of our guests and cast members is our utmost priority



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