VIP FastPasses to be replaced with Hotel PastPasses at the Empire State Club.


From the 24 March 2016 Disneyland Paris will stop issuing VIP FastPasses  to Guests staying in Empire State Club rooms in Disney’s Hotel New York and replace them with Hotel FastPasses.

Guests will receive one Hotel FastPass per day, per person, which are valid all day except between 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM.

The move will bring the Empire State Club in-line with the resorts other exclusive Club floors at the resorts hotels, the Golden Forest Club at Disney’s Sequoia Lodge Hotel and the newly opened Compass Club at Disney’s Newport Bay Club Hotel.

Guests staying in a Classic or Deluxe room at the Disneyland Hotel also receive Hotel FastPasses.

VIP PassPasses will now only issued to Guests staying in Suites in the Sequoia Lodge, Newport Bay Club, Hotel New York  and at the Castle Club at the Disneyland Hotel.

Guests who made their reservations for a room in the Empire State Club before 14th January 2016 will still receive VIP FastPasses as part of their hotel package.

Author: Salon Mickey Blog

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