DisneyLife not exactly magic at your fingertips


Last month in a blaze of publicity Disney launched DisneyLife, a new internet based on-demand streaming service that allows subscribers to access a range of  Disney films, books,  music, apps and TV shows in the United Kingdom.

In the future DisneyLife will be the home of content including over 5,000 music tracks from Disney’s back catalogue  including High School Musical and Frozen, books based on  Winnie The Pooh and Pixar’s Cars, and more than 2,000  TV show episodes.

Sadly Disney’s Star Wars and Marvel brands are not  included within DisneyLife, they’ll be offered as separate subscription – based services which will be launched at a later date.

“Our team has worked tirelessly to create a personal, intuitive and unique experience for the whole family,” Paul Brown, general manager of DisneyLife UK told The Guardian.  “Disney means something different to every parent and child and now with DisneyLife we are handing over the keys to them, to explore the ever-expanding digital world of Disney – wherever they are and whenever they want.”

Each DisneyLife account can have up to six profiles, and while content can be viewed on the Web, there’s a strong emphasis on support for iOS and Android devices, including Android TV.  Subscribers can also push music and video to TVs via Chromecast or Apple TV, though the Apple TV support is in the form of AirPlay, and is limited to SD video quality.

So after trying the service for a month will I be continuing with my £9.99 a month subscription.  Unfortunately for Disney no I won’t.


The problems I have with the service is that unlike many other on-line streaming services like Netflix and the BBCs iPlayer for example is that there is no Smart TV App available so you can’t access the service from your television set.

The service also does not work on older versions of Android tablets, which is just the type of device parents pass on to their children to use.

Trying to find something to watch  on  DisneyLife is also a bit of a mission. The search tools are appalling to use.  You would think that just by typing in the name of a movie would bring it up.  But no – you have to go through a very complicated scrolling process to find what you want to watch.

But my main bugbear with DisneyLife is that you cannot download a movie or TV programme to your device to watch later  unless you have an active internet connection. So downloading something to watch on the commute to work on the bus or train when your 3G / 4G connection is patchy or non-existence  is a no no unfortunately.

Disney has come very late to the on-demand internet streaming world, and I was hoping that a more polished product would have been released by a company the size of  The Walt Disney Company.

If the service was free I would not mind so much, but for a £9.99 a month subscription fee (£120 a year) Disney has launched a very inferior product compared to the many other on-line streaming services that are already available in the market place.

Overall I’m left feeling very disappointed with DisneyLife, considering the huge back catalogue that Disney has available at its disposal the movies and shows available are very limited, and if your a Disney fan like myself you will already have all the content available on CD,  DVD and  Blu-Ray.

It’s a great shame that DisneyLife does not give you the magic at your fingertips their advertising tag line would suggest.

DisneyLife can be found at: disneylife.com


The race rules for the inaugural Disneyland Paris Half Marathon weekend have been published on the  run.disneylandparis.com website.

The full rules which come to eleven pages can be found here.

The Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Weekend 2016 is a sporting event with several races.  It will take place on Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 September  2016 in the Disney Parks of Disneyland Paris (Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studio) as well as in the Disney Village and also in villages surrounding the resort.

Disneyland Paris 5 K
Family race through the Disney Parks
Distance 5 km
Saturday, September 24, 2016
Departure 7:00 am
Race not timed, without classification (no medical certificate required)

runDisney Kids Races
Running around the Lake Disney: distances 100 m, 200 m, 400 m, 1 km, 2 km
Saturday, September 24, 2016
Departures from 10:00 am
Races not timed and without classification (no medical certificate required)

Disneyland Paris Half Marathon
Running through the two Disney Parks, Disney Village and the surrounding villages.
21.097 km
Sunday, September 25, 2016
Departure 7:00 am
Test timed with ranking / No Podium, nor premiums (medical certificate required)
Stated in the National calendar of the French Athletics Federation.

The race plan will be available on the runDisneyland Pairs website no later than 31  August 2016.

It will also be posted on site at the runDisney Health and Fitness Expo and will be included in the official guide given to each participant with his bib.

Click to access race-rules.pdf

Disneyland Paris expands its opportunities to meet Disney characters.

Disneyland Paris released a Press Release yesterday promoting it’s Disney  characters  Meet ‘n’ Greet opportunities for 2016.


Disneyland Paris expands its opportunities to meet Disney characters.

As of 8 January 2016, Disney characters will be more and more present in Disneyland Park for the greater pleasure of our Guests.

Through the sustained presence of certain Disney characters and their expanded schedules, the addition of new meeting points as well as Extra Magic Hours, 15 possibilities of meeting Disney characters will be offered so that Guests may experience even more magical moments.

Starting 8 January 2016 in the Disneyland Park, Guests will be able to meet the following Disney characters:

  • Meet Mickey Mouse
    Place: Meet Mickey Mouse – Fantasyland
  •  Alice or friends
    Place: In front of Alice’s Curious Labyrinth – Fantasyland
  • Princesses Disney : Disney Princesses: a Royal Invitation
    Place: Princess Pavilion – Fantasyland
  • Winnie the Pooh or friends
    Place: In front of Plaza Gardens Restaurant – Main Street, U.S.A.
  • Goofy or friends
    Place: Town Square near Discovery Arcade – Main Street, U.S.A.
  • Minnie or friends
    Place: Town Square near Liberty Arcade  – Main Street, U.S.A.
  • Donald or friends
    Place: Casey’s Corner  –  Main Street, U.S.A.
  • Princesse Tiana or friends
    8 January to 30 September 2016
    Place: Thunder Mesa Riverboat Landing – Frontierland
  • Meet Aladdin or friends : date to be confirmed.
    Place: near Le Passage Enchanté d’Aladdin – Adventureland
  •  Chip and Dale or friends
    From 8 January to 9 February 2016 and then from 30 May 2016 onwards
    Place:  near Restaurant Hakuna Matata – Adventureland
  •  Meet’n’Greet with King Louie and Baloo
    From 10 February to  29 May 2016
    Place: near Restaurant Hakuna Matata – Adventureland
  •  Peter Pan or friends
    Place:  Facing Pirates’ Beach – Adventureland
  •  Meet’n’Greet with Merida
    As of  6 February 2016
    Place:  Facing Cowboy Cookout Barbecue – Frontierland


These Disney character meeting points will be indicated in the Park programme, on the internet site as well as in the mobile application for Disneyland Paris

Extra Magic Hours will always present the opportunity for Guests residing in our Disney Hotels to meet their favorite Disney Characters at four meeting points (Disneyland Park or Walt Disney Studios Park).

Good  to know
Meetings with Mickey and Minnie Mouse are the most asked for.

For more than 84% of our Guests, the opportunity to personally meet Disney Characters represents for them and their families an event not to be missed during their stay at our resort.

2016 Euro Disney S.C.A. AGM Announced

Logo_Euro_Disney_SCAThe Euro Disney S.C.A Shareholders’ Club informed it’s members today that the 2016  Annual General Meeting relating to its 2015 Fiscal Year will be held on Wednesday 17  February  2016 at 9:30 a.m. at Disney’s Hotel New York Convention Center at Disneyland Paris.

The preliminary notice of meeting is available, in French only, on the  corporate website in the General Meeting page of the Shareholders section.

Shareholders will receive, by the end of January 2016, all the information regarding the Meeting as well as practical details on how to attend.

Star Wars Party Programme.


Peter from  Today Magic Time has managed to get is hands on the programme for the Star Wars Night Party being held in Disneyland Paris on Wednesday 15 December 2015.

All timings are subject to change and have not been officially confirmed by Disneyland Paris.

Star Traders
20:00 – 00:00

DJ Dance Party
20h – 00:00

Star Wars Parade:
21:30 & 22:30

Padawan Challenge Videopolis
20h30, 21h10, 21h50, 22h30, 23h10

Star Wars Q&A Discoveryland Theater
21h00, 21h50, 22h40, 23h30 

Meet Chewbacca &  R2D2 :
20:00H – 00:00H
Near Discoveryland Theater

Dark Vader &  Stormtroopers
20h00 à 23h50 Near
Sortie Star Tours

Intergalactic Battle above Discoveryland
Star Traders roof top.

The following Attractions are open: 

– Autopia

– Les Mystères du Nautilus

– Orbitron

– Space Mountain : Mission 2

– Star Tours

– Buzz Lighyear Laser Blast

Star Wars Facepainting

Disneyland Paris hit by a further €48,000 loss due to Credit Card Fraud


French newspaper Le Parisien, reported yesterday  (30 November 2015) that Disneyland Paris has been the victim of a further €48,000 loss due to stolen credit card details being used to purchase e-tickets to the resort.

It is reported that a resident of Noisy-le-Sec (Seine-Saint-Denis)  purchased €48,000 worth of e-tickets to the Disneyland Paris theme park using  stolen credit card numbers he had bought in advance on an illegal website.   He then used these credit card details to order 819 e-tickets to the parks between 11 April  2015 and 10 October 2015.

A portion of these tickets were sold directly at the entrance to the theme parks.

The French Border Police (PAF) arrested the swindler, last Friday at Beauvais airport,  while he was returning from a week’s holiday in Budapest, Hungary.

The man aged 32 who  was not known to Police also opened three bank accounts under a false identity and acquired two consumer credit loans in the amount of €5,000.

This is the fourth case of it’s kind reported to the Police of Meaux by Disneyland Paris this year and it is estimated that the resort has lost around €800,000 in E-ticket revenue  due to credit card fraud in 2015.