Two men get six month suspended sentence for €597,000 Disneyland Paris ticket scam

95ad1-castleTwo men have been given a six month suspended sentence for their part in a €597,000 Disneyland Paris ticket scam.

The two men from the neighborhood of Sarcelles (Val-d’Oise), France use the Internet website LeBonCoin over a period of three years to fraudulently acquire  more than 7,000 Disneyland Paris park tickets .

The men were arrested last July after several months of investigation, appeared in court on 22 October 2015 in Meaux. The two men were each sentenced to a six month suspended prison sentence and to jointly pay €336,000, in damages to  Disneyland Paris.

The process of their crime was rather simple: they bought, via a man they have refused to identity the “e-tickets” for €20, which they then resold for €35 by finding buyers at the entrance of the park. The mysterious seller procured these tickets online fraudulently by using stolen credit cards.

This lucrative deal, which brought them in about €1,000 a week was spent on luxury clothing and accessories found in the defendants’ homes.

The court was told that Euro Disney S.C.A. had lost €597,000 in the scam. “I am appalled by the lack of awareness of the damage they have caused,” railed Xavier Autain, counsel for the Euro Disney company,   “has advanced beyond the financial loss, given the terrible picture in the park when certain buyers, using these e-tickets after fraudulent payments were rejected, were alowed to enter the park for free”.

Mr Autain requested full compensation for the financial loss, €1 for non-pecuniary damage and €15,000 to compensate for the assistance provided by Disney staff in the investigation.

Requirements “totally disproportionate” according to the defense lawyers, who regretted that “the investigation did not seek to break down the network heads, the real perpetrators of the fraud suffered by Euro Disney”.

For his part, the prosecutor Emmanuel Dupic denounced an “organized system of vending and concealment.” He required the confiscation of goods, a prohibition from visiting Chessy, where Disneyland Paris is located and  where the tickets had sold.

The men were sentenced to three years in prison, suspended to six months and an obligation to compensate the victim – Euro Disney S.C.A.

Source: LeParisien


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