Disneyland Paris Cast Member killed in hit and run.

Tragic news is being reported by the French newspaper L’EXPRESS  that two Disneyland Paris Cast Members were struck by a white van while using a pedestrian crossing on Saturday 27 December 2014, killing one of then and hospitalizing the other.

The Cast Member a 35 year old woman died after being crushed by a bus on Saturday night near Disneyland Paris, Seine et Marne, after being struck by a van, whose driver then fled the scene.

The victim, an employee of the resort  had left work for the day when the accident occurred shortly before 8:00 PM, in the municipality of Coupvray, said a judicial source.

The woman “was with a colleague” of 34, who had also “finished their shift,” said a Police source. “They were hit on a  pedestrian crossing near a bus stop,” the source added.

According to the testimony of employees of Disneyland Paris who were  present at the scene of the accident, the young women were reversed into by a white van, whose driver then fled.

One of them was flung to the side of the road, while the second was left lying in a bus lane,   tragically she was then hit by a bus few seconds later.  “The  bus driver that had not seen her,” said the Police source. “The road to this place is poorly lit,” said the Police source.

The young woman could not be revived and died at the scene. Her colleague, suffered from a few bruises, and was hospitalized but their condition is not thought to be serious.

An investigation has been launched to find the driver of the van. “CCTV images are being investigated ,” said the judicial source.  An appeal for witnesses could also be launched.

The Police in Chessy are taking responsibility for the investigation.

Our thoughts are with the victims and their families at this sad time.

Source: L’EXPRESS and ED92


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