Shareholders’ Round Table Meeting to be held in London

 Philippee Gas CEO, Euro Disney


Mark Stead, Chief Financial Officer, Euro Disney

The next Club Actionnaires Shareholders’ Round Table meeting will be held on Wednesday 10 April 2013 at 5:30 p.m. in Central London. This will be the first Round Table meeting held outside of France and will be a great opertunity for UK shareholders to ask questions to Philippe Gas the CEO of Disneyland Paris and Mark Stead the resorts Chief Financial Officer.
Shareholders have been sent an email today inviting them to attend the meeing where they will have the oportunity to meet with Philippe Gas and Mark Stead to discuss of the financial performance, recent news, events of as well as future projects at Disneyland Paris.

The meeting will be held in English and will last approximately of 90 minutes. To register Club Actionnaires members need to call the Shareholders Club.
Places will be assigned on a “first come, first serve basis” up to 25 participants and priority will be given to Club members who have not recently participated in a roundtable meeting.