Sleeping Beauty’s origami castle

An origami sculpture of Sleeping Beauty’s castle was unveiled at St Pancras International last weekend.
The scaled-down artwork took paper artist Paul Jackson more than a month to plan and three weeks to build and was made entirely from pages from the new Disneyland Paris travel brochure.
The three metre tall sculpture contains more than 5,000 individually folded origami cube ‘bricks’ and took 50,000 folds of paper to complete.
It will be in place over the weekend of the 8-10 December before being moved to the FirstChoice Superstore in Crayford, Kent where it will be on display from 11th December until late next year.
The castle statue is a replica of the one at Disneyland Paris. Artist Paul Jackson said it was the most challenging sculptures he had ever worked on.  He said: “It required hours of planning, days of building and the reinvention of many different folding techniques. Disneyland Paris commissioned us to create something spectacular and what is more beautiful and iconic than Sleeping Beauty Castle, made out of origami’