Disneyland Paris welcomes its 250 millionth visitor

Europe’s number one tourist destination, Disneyland Paris has welcomed its 250 millionth visit since first opening in 1992. Enthusiasm for the unique destination remains strong, with its two theme parks, seven Disney hotels, two convention centres, a leisure centre (Disney Village) and its 27-hole golf course.
‘We’ve just reached the symbolic figure of one quarter of a billion visits. This shows that the French and Europeans in general, have whole heartedly welcomed theme parks – and Disneyland Paris in particular. This milestone confirms the draw of the destination and our guests’ attachment to the Disney brand’, stated Philippe Gas, C.E.O. of Euro Disney S.A.S.
Guests are primarily families from all over Europe. Disneyland Paris registered record attendance this year, with 15.6 million visits, mostly by families with young children (66%).
French guests (49% of visits) maintain a strong presence at the destination alongside those from the United Kingdom (13%), the Benelux countries (12%), the Iberian Peninsula (10%), and then Italy (4%). The rest come from various parts of the world.