Ticket prices at Disneyland Paris set to increase after sales tax rise.

Ticket prices at Disneyland Paris are expected to rise after French President Nicolas Sarkozy last week announced a huge increase in the sales tax paid by the sector. His announcement comes at a crucial time for operator Euro Disney SCA, as it is hoping to attract bumper crowds next year for the 20th anniversary of its Paris theme park.
The increase will push up sales tax on French theme parks from 5.5 % to 19.6%.    It is part of a package of measures designed to reduce the country’s deficit and help it retain its valuable AAA credit rating.
Disneyland Paris attracted 15 million visitors last year, making it Europe’s most-visited theme park.  At present a one day adult ticket costs £45, compared with £40.80 at Staffordshire’s Alton Towers, Britain’s most-visited theme park. 

From 7th November  2011 an adult ticket to Disneyland Paris increases to £51.  Disneyland Paris notched up a five per cent increase in attendance in the nine months to June.