Guest arrested for Disneyland Paris bomb hoax

Disneyland Paris visitors were evacuated from the park for an hour last weekend after an unhappy customer told staff he was carrying a bomb.  The 57-year-old man was queuing in the rain with his family at the theme park near Paris when he made the remark.
A Disneyland source told Le Parisien that the man had become angry and “did not want to sit on the ride because the seats were wet”.   The source added: “We took the necessary security measures. We cannot tolerate this sort of behaviour.”
The area was evacuated and police called to the scene. A sniffer dog found no sign of explosives. The man, who has no criminal past, spent Saturday night in police custody and was released yesterday after paying an undisclosed fine to the public prosecutor.
He will appear in court at a later date and could be ordered to carry out community service or take a citizenship course.   A representative from the Seine-et-Marne préfecture told Le Parisien that the remarks were “in bad taste, given the international context”.
The hoax came less than 24 hours after two attacks in Oslo killed more than 90 people.

Source: Connexion France


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