An Audience With Mickey Mouse for the crew of Martha the Fire Engine.

Follow That Fire Engine: is a global road trip staring a red Fire Engine which is being driven from London all the way around the world to raise money for charity.  This week after driving over 23,000 miles, through 25 countries, the crew of Martha the Fire Engine made it to Disneyland in California!  
The crew were treated like celebrities and  Martha had her own parking spot and was dressed up with Disney Balloons. Two Disney employees (Reece and Kris) escorted the crew around the park where they had back stage passes to all the rides.
“For a morning it was like being celebrities, not just passing queues but going in the back entrances and having rides to ourselves!!  We crew of Martha  met the Disney Fire Department, Mary Poppins and screamed far too much on the rides”.
Follow That Fire Engine is dedicated to the memory of Garth Moore, who passed away on 18th July 2009 at the age of 63, after a brave battle with lung cancer, and is rasing money for Macmillan Cancer Support, The Fire Fighters Charity and The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

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