Disneyland Paris iPhone application launched.

You can can now discover the Disneyland Paris resort and  plan your stay with a new iPhone application launched today.  Once you are in the parks you can use the App to optimize your visit by using the interactive maps for  increased reality.
One of the many features of this application is the ability to see the waiting times at the attractions in real time and parade and show times.
This application is rich in content and it is recommended that you to download it via Wi-FI connection or to use your iTunes from a computer.   The application is free, and a wireless mobile connection is require to use it inside the Disney parks.
The other features offered by the application includeds:
  • The description of each park, its attractions, shows, parades, restaurants, stores and services (ATMs, restrooms, etc)
  • A multitude of advice to be well-organized once you are on site, with preferred itineraries according to your tastes (strong sensations, family adventure for example)
  • The latest news (attractions or seasons) with video trailers
  • The presentation of the hotels, the cost of our different park admission tickets and show tickets, with the possibility of reserving directly through our central reservations office.
Once you are in the park the application helps you organise your visit to the parks by using, in particular:
  • The interactive card:  this allows you to highlight all the points of interest, such as shows, parades, restaurants, stores and services (ATMs, restrooms, etc) and to be geo-localized to make it easier to find your way around the parks.
  • A search motor: symbolized by a magnifying glass on the map,  which allows you to select the points of interest by criteria, be it the type of attractions (strong sensations, for little ones, etc) or even the specialties or prices of the restaurants.
  •  Increased reality: symbolized by the symbol 3D (for the 3GS and 4 iPhones), which allows you to see the parks through the iPhone’s camera and to position the points of interest directly
  • Park hours, attractions, shows and attraction waiting times are given when you are geo-localized in one of the parks.
  • The schedule: which allows you to group together the attractions you do not wish to miss. A warning system is put into place and gives you the time of the shows you have reserved.

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