Disneyland Paris cleaner dies after accident

A cleaner at Disneyland Paris has died after falling into the water while working on an attraction.  Police say the man died after the ride he was working was accidentally turned on.

The 53-year-old employee of a park subcontractor was severely injured while working on the “It’s A Small World” attraction and taken by helicopter to a hospital where he died.

Police say a preliminary investigation indicates the worker got trapped beneath a boat on the ride when it was inadvertently turned on before dawn Wednesday.
A Disneyland Paris spokesman said the ride has been closed until further notice as the police investigation continues.

Disneyland Paris to build a water recycling plant

Disneyland Paris is joining forces with water services company Veolia Eau to build a state of the art waste water recycling plant which will become operational in 2013.
Disneyland Paris is the first theme park operator in Europe to equip itself with a water treatment plant in order to reduce its consumption of water. The plant will recycle the waste water of the two theme parks and the Disneyland Hotel.
The parks waste water will be treated and will be recycled to supply attractions such as the Pirates of the Caribbean and the Studio Tram Tour.  The water will also be used to  clean the roads, and water the green parks and in particular, the Disneyland Golf course. 
For the equipment, Disneyland Paris is working in collaboration with Veolia Water for the operations, and its subsidiaries, OTV/SADE, which will manage the construction work
Since the opening of Disneyland Paris in 1992, initiatives have been implemented to reduce impact on water resources. The continuous efforts of the company have allowed the average daily water consumption per visitor to be reduced from 142 litres to 130 litres between 2006 and 2009.  A reduction of 8.5%.