Terrorific Night 2 at Walt Disney Studios

Walt Disney Studios sees the return of its Terrorific Night Halloween Party on Saturday 30th October.  The gates open at 9pm and guest will have a truly frightening time untill 1am.  Tickets are available from the French Ticketnet website at  €29 each.

Terrorific Night 2

Before taking your tickets for Terrorific Night 2, ask yourself the right questions …

Are you ready to face the darkest night of your life? Are you sure want into the heart of your worst nightmares?

So forget everything you thought know, and dare to take part in the adventure …

Terrorific Night returns this year on the Walt Disney Studios for a new experience in a world more terrifying … Do not try to cling to your usual thoughts: everything is different tonight. ”

Shout as much as you can, but do not find any help: the park seems to have been deserted by those who could help you …

Creatures frightening, monstrous characters and artists from another world are determined to haunt your nights for eternity.

You thought about finding a little quiet on board the rides? You are wrong: some of them also seem out of control. Be part of live experiments near the paranormal …

Before taking your tickets for Night 2 Terrorific, think again. And if you decide to do participate, when you pass the entrance portal of the evening, take a deep breath …

You have been warned

Terrorific Night 2. Saturday,

October 30, 2010, from 21h to 1h. Walt Disney Studios

Here is the latest video for the event.


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