Parade performer injured during Once Upon a Dream Parade.

This Monday at Disneyland Paris during Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade there was an incident in Fantasyland which injured one of the parade performers.
The Cast Member playing Maleficent on the ‘Dreams of Power Float’ (a parade vetrain of seven years and one of the orignal Maleficent’s) fell from the float backwards landing on her neck, after her harness and seat structure snapped in half sending  her crashing to the grownd.
After five minuets she was able to get-up and walk off the parade route and backstage, without her usual dose of “force and power”.  But still snarling at guests of course, many of whom were still asking for autographs and photos!!
The parade was rushed through afterwards with the rather sad looking power float looking not so powerful!
The float returned to the Parade yesturday but without Maleficent.  It is not yet clear if or when she will return to the float.

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Source: EuroDisneylandParis