Disney acquiring Marvel Entertainment Inc.

Spider-Man and Iron Man have a new boss: The Walt Disney Co.

Disney announced this morning that it is buying Marvel Entertainment and more than 5,000 Marvel characters. They include X-Men, Captain America, Fantastic Four and Thor.
“This is a great fit for us,” Disney boss Bob Iger told CNBC this morning. He said the acquisition was a way to attract more boys. Disney said the transaction value is $50 per Marvel share or about $4 billion.
Iger said the acquisition will grow both Disney and Marvel. Iger said Disney would not rebrand the Marvel characters as Disney ones. Iger told CNBC there are many opportunities to mine Marvel characters that are not well known.
“This puts us in an enviable position,” Iger said. Disney can decide whether to extend deals with third parties, such as Sony, when they come up. “We believe that adding Marvel to Disney’s unique portfolio of brands provides significant opportunities for long-term growth and value creation,” Iger said in a release.

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