Euro Disney S.C.A. Third Quarter Announcement

Euro Disney S.C.A. have published their revenues for the third quarter of fiscal year 2009. The full report can be found here.

Commenting on the results, Philippe Gas, Chief Executive Officer of Euro Disney S.A.S, said:

“Consistent with the broader tourism industry in Europe, our revenues have been impacted by the challenging economic environment and consumer spending behavior. At the onset of the economic down turn, we implemented promotional offers to which our proximity markets in particular have responded.
This decision has succeeded in driving attendance to Disneyland Paris, confirming the strong affinity for quality Disney entertainment, while at the same time impacting guest spending and margins. We are closely managing our costs and have curtailed certain capital spending in this current environment.
However, in line with our long-term growth strategy we continue to invest in the resort and are developing new attractions to open next year.”