Disneyland Paris to use 2D barcodes

Disneyland Paris has announced plans to use 2D barcodes. They look like the thumbnail image on the left which says Disneyland Paris by-the-way. These codes will be used across the park as a method of providing information to guests via their mobile phones.

2D barcodes, also known as “matrix code,” are much like the barcodes that are scanned at the checkout in your local store. However, where the run-of-the-mill barcodes are one-dimensional (they are read left-to-right on a one-dimensional plane), 2D barcodes, as the name suggests, are read both vertically and horizontally and are capable of representing much more information.

The park has chosen mobile telecommunications company Orange to make this implementation of the technology possible. The company will be using its existing Flashcode technology in conjunction with information provided by Disneyland Paris to allow guests to scan the barcodes at each attraction and have the information available directly on their mobile phones. This information will include special offers, information about wait times at specific attractions and show times.


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